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Polson High School is a great enviroment for any types of students to branch out and feel welcomed by everyone around them.
Nobody loves high school, but the teacher and administrators work hard to provide a clean, safe and happy atmosphere for their students. Furthermore, teachers care about the education of each of their students and make it easy for each individual to learn.
My last 4 years of high school have been a rollercoaster honestly. It being really good and easy freshman year, to extremely hard and feeling impossible my senior year. All I can say about this high school is everyone wants to get out of school wether being a graduate or simply dropping out. The environment around this school is very negative and feels hard to live day by day, coming to school distracts my mind, and tune out the negative energy around.
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What more can you expect from small town Montana? You know those people who say you will always love your hometown and you'll want to go back to the good old days of high school? They literally cannot be more wrong in my case.
I moved to Polson, MT in seventh grade. Once I became a Freshman I really enjoyed the switch. I love that PHS is so diverse and that it is such a small community. The teachers and administration are friendly and the majority of them enjoy teaching. I have been influenced by many great teachers such as my Sophomore English teacher, my Senior English Teacher, and my choir teacher who I have had for the past three years. Polson High School also offers fun and useful electives. Such as personal finance, guitar class, art, choir, band, and etc. I am thankful that I moved to Montana and got to experience life at PHS.
Polson High is good for families that seek a school heavily involved in the town's community. In a handful of classes as well as extracurricular activities, students are encouraged to interact with Polson's community. However, teachers have a tendency to be insensitive on topics like race and LGBT issues. This can range from saying things that are overtly offensive to simply refusing to have deep or interesting conversations about these topics that hear the voices of the people involved.
It was a blast. The teachers that I had for classes I got to pick were amazing. Lots of teachers getting fired in the math department in my early years which is why I don't have a 4.0 but besides that it was good
I liked the atmosphere of being in the high school. One thing I did not like about Polson High School was the lack of teacher to student interaction.
My experience at Polson High School has been one of the best. It's nice because the school is small and everyone knows everyone. Everyone is friends and the teachers are nice. The problems only a few problems with this school. The food and the teachers are the biggest. Most of the food is simply ugly and tasteless. The teachers however, they are either of track all the time or they are too on track. When they are too on track they won't let any work be mad up and their class is extremely hard.
Loved the improvements made to school in recent years to the physical appearance. The AP courses were great in preparing students for the AP tests. Would like to see more variety in class choices for students, especially in the health setting. The internship the high school created with the local hospital was an incredible experience, especially for those interested in medical careers.
Our school tends to up the sercurity whenever a national disaster happens. Unless that has happened the school is extremely lax, however they are trained to handle situations very well. Two years ago a student came to the school threatening to shot it and no one was hurt. Everyone was put on lock down for an hour and the shooter was taken.
I am an athlete. Partaking in sports year round is what I do, however I have been in a school play and I have friends that are in speech and debate. As the wrestling team took 2nd at state and the basketball team took 3rd. The speech and debate team took 2nd at state. Joining in an extracurricular activity is a commitment to excellence. You aren't going to join it becuase it's easy. You are joining it becuase you want to work hard and acheive.
The Polson High School has been kind to me. They bring up innovative ideas such as core/flex. The concept of core/flex is simple. Make everyone's grades better. If you are failing a class you are assigned that class for 30 minutes for extra help. For the kids who have all a's and b's they get 30 minutes of free time. Making it so students want to get their grades up so they can have that free time to do whatever they need to or want to. Polson school districts are amazing for academics, sports, and to truly enjoy life while you can.
I believe that for the most part teachers at the Polson High School are doing a phenomenal job of teaching their students. They seem to care about each student doing well or not and do their best to ensure that students reach their full potential and get as far as they can in life.
Although Polson High School has a few shortcomings, the close and supportive student body goes above and beyond. This high school does lack variety in elective classes, which mostly support traditional fine arts and science courses. The classes that are offered are taught by teachers eho have a passion for the subject in which they teach. This leads to more energized and engaged learning in the classroom amd closer relationships between students and faculty. Along the same linesn the students always come together to support each other however they cann whether it be fundraising for a stufent and their family or rallying around the volleyball team at a local match, they always find a way to come together and make this highschool experience one for the recordbooks.
A very community orientated school. Teachers are involved academically and personally with students. Every students has his or her own place in ever event. Tight nit, well run school.
There is no problem with bullying in this school. The main problem is theft.
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During high school we had very good student support in all the athletics. There was always a good crowd in the stands no matter what sporting event, especially football.
The teachers in Polson High School show interest in their students in and out of the classroom. They support and help you on the academic side to prepare you for college level classes.
This school prepares you for college well.
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