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Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College Collegiate High School Reviews

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I love coming to Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College Collegiate High School. The staff is wonderful and very helpful. It is such an amazing opportunity.
When I transfered to Gateway I was very nervous. I was seeking a way to get out of the highschool life and to start my college career before my other friends. Gateway was so helpful to me and made me less nervous about the college beginning. The administration is very involved with the students and I love that about my school. I recommend Gateway to anyone and everyone because I know it is such a great school.
Going to Polk State Gateway or the Collegiate program allows you to graduate high school with your AA degree and get a head start on your future life.
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Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College Collegiate High School is a great opportunity and I am very grateful for the experience I have. To graduate with my high school diploma and AA at the same time for free is amazing and incredible that they get to give this opportunity to others. However, they are not really organized or as put together at Collegiate is. I would love to see Gateway grow but they do need more clubs and get the kids more involved!
I enjoy going to Gateway. This school allows me to get college credits while being a high school student. I do feel like the staff aren't always able to assist you when needed. They do the best they can with the amount of students they have.
This school gives a great opportunity to try and bring up your GPA, or to pass high school because you can take a years worth of a high school class in a semester. But to those who are working for their AA and high school diploma at the same time the opportunities are slimmer. Administration is not the best they take their time or not answer and there are no sports and clubs at all.
The school itself was great. While being in this program, I was very prepared for University. The faculty was a little difficult to get ahold of sometimes but overall a great learning experience. This school offers great oppurtunities.
It’s a great college and has flexible ways to achieve your educational needs. The teachers will work with you and help in any way they can. The college offers classes all year round and various times and internet courses too. Also, this college is very inexpensive and has numerous scholarships to apply for and receive.
It's a wonderful school, it allows you to learn what college is like before you go on your own, it's a great experience to have. I would recommend this school to students who are serious on their going to college.
My experience at Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College Collegiate High School was great, the teachers are very kind, and they know how to do their job correctly, and the students are sort of respectful, and the classes are easy to pass if you pay attention, you also have the chance to take college classes to receive your AA Degree.
Not too bad of a program, shows you what college is kind of like. Allows you to take both high school and college classes or just all college classes if you'd like.
My overall academic experience at Polk State was amazing. I graduated top of my class and enjoyed every second of my time there. The teachers are great and really aid in assisting students with thorough instruction and teaching. The campus is full of creative and positive environment. Resources are always readily available for all students which made my experience at Polk State excellent.
This school has helped me get ahead with college credits. The staff are extremely helpful if you take their advice. It is on a college campus, so that affects a lot of things. It is not a traditional high school.
Excellent academics and wonderful opportunities to participate in clubs and socials. The faculty is friendly and has a genuine interest in seeing you succeed. The atmosphere is collegiate which is a refreshing change from the "normal" high school cattle call.
I liked how it is affordable and many people go there in order to get higher education due to its affordability, but some of the teachers do not care about the students outcome.
Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College Collegiate High School has guided and mentored me on the path to success! I am now confident in my college descions thanks to the friendly staff at Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College Collegiate High School.
Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College is an amazing school, give numerous opportunities to succeed in life, and gives one the chance to further their studies by being two years ahead. Although, they should focus on helping the students and make sure they are taking classes, and are being supported in what interest them. Another college advisor should also be recommended so their is a team that works together to get things done quickly, although there have been time were it has been rough getting into contact with them, the opportunity is worth attending the school. No matter how difficult it may be, or if it all depends who is helping you, sometimes its a matter of are you going to choose your career or let someone choose it for you.
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I like the flexibility in the class schedule.
What I dislike is that the staff is not very helpful and very unorganized
The staff and students are very welcoming, the campus is so comfortable feeling and I never feel odd or out of place. Classes are very diverse making open discussions great. I just honestly love the overall vibe of the school.
My experience at Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College Collegiate High School has been wonderful. Having the opportunity to take college classes has allowed me to gain an edge over other high school students and get a jump start on my bachelor's degree. I love the freedom and flexibility that the school offers, and the guidance counselors are very helpful and caring. The one and only drawback of attending Gateway is missing out on a typical high school experience, however the pros far outweigh the cons.
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