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Polk County High School is a very secluded school. In fact it’s the only one in the district. This means that it gets a lot more diversity in students compared to most other schools. It’s a very safe feeling place because everybody knows everybody. You don’t have to worry about who your classes are with or whether you will ever see your friends in school because everyone is friends with each other.
It is very amazing. There is a warm and friendly atmosphere here. I have been to a lot of schools but this is the best one yet.
Polk County Highschool has a very at home feel to it everyone knows everyone which is a good and bad thing but nevertheless it's a amazing very personal school we even have our own greenhouse and farm which not much schools are lucky enough to have we also have several programs set up to achieve like the Certified Nursing Program which I will be completing next school year
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I love the involvement in sports and club/activities at our school, everyone is supportive and willing to help other grow! Not only is our school rated one of the best in NC for academics, but most students are involved in at least 1 out-of-the-classroom activity. Some things I’d like to see change are the acceptance of diversity within the students and faculty, and an improvement in the school food; I wish the administration would push for a more accepting environment that allowed people to dress/express themselves how they please. And although the food does have to meet certain nutritional requirements, the quality could be a bit better.
One advantage is that Polk County High School is a small school. Students know each other and there is alot of interaction between teachers. A disadvantage would be that there is very little diversity.
This is a small local school with teachers and faculty who get invested in your journey through high school.
I believe they could improve on college readiness. I have enjoyed most of my classes, but most have not prepared me enough for college. I also believe the student body could improve on accepting diversity.
Polk County High is one of the best high schools in the state. The teachers really care about the students, and the environment here is safe and caring. As a student myself, I feel like I have a family here.
i have experience lifetime opportunities while attending Polk County High. We always have the coolest pep rallies, we have even beat the seniors while competing at these. We have great athletics program, and a great support group behind them. We have a blue crew that comes to almost every game, away and home, to support everyone. We work together as a school. We are more than just faculty and students. We are a family. I would definitely choose this school over and over again if I could. I even want my kids to go to schools here.
This is one of the best high schools around. We have a phenomenal educational system, with some of the best teachers I've ever encountered. My teachers are very outgoing and care for their students, they want us to pass. We have an amazing principal, she is very interactive with the kids. We have fun and stay focused, inside and outside of the classroom. We do many things involving sports and clubs. We host Project Unify and Special Olympics. Our school has a great reputation and an amazing community standing behind it.
because I was an athlete it was great
good. guidance counselors helpful, good college prep, open to parent involvement, tutoring available
I don't really partake much in sports activities. I know this school is pretty big on sports especially football. There's a good number of student participation else where. There's this one game every talks about. It's pretty famous around school. Of course we have really pep rallies. This other thing at our school is unique, this thing called the blue crew. Known for cheering at sporting events, they get in free. Also, travel together to the away games.
Some things Aren't present here like the guidance counselors. They don't really take time get to know students. I guess some people wouldn't feel comfortable talking to them. As far technology goes, we have laptops in class but really don't have a decent computer lab. They have pretty slow computers. We have a good number of applications classes but not many. We're a small school with limited funding. Parent involvement their is none while in school but we have which they could check our grades online. The building is not new is was built in 1993. We have some upgrades, not many though. Overall I think it's a okay school, not impressive
The school has age to it, but it has been up kept very nicely through the years. The school could use some updating in the gym and some fixings in the auditorium.
Low threat rate. No intruders on campus. Safety precautions are practiced monthly.
The teachers do what they are required to do. Although some teaching spots are low in certain classes the teachers in them do their job.
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The school is fun. The variety of people is entertaining but annoying at the same time. Stuck up people show they are spoiled/stuck up to much.
The food is a healthy mix. Requirements of having a specific foods that is provided. one meat one fruit/vegetable etc.
A lot of new clubs have formed. Teachers support them strongly.
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