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I had an amazing four years here. I had wonderful teachers and great friends. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here.
I loved the spirit of Polk County High School. Whether it was a football game or a pep rally, everyone banned together to show their pride in our school. In addition, I enjoyed building relationships with my teachers as they showed me how to not only learn but also how to think for myself and improve as a person. Overall, there is not much that I do not like about PCHS. If anything could be changed, I would like to see more students being involved with more clubs, or perhaps clubs being created for a wider variety of interests.
I graduated from here in 2016 and enjoyed my time especially in the FFA, FBLA, and other business classes.
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I love how our school is like one big family. Everybody knows everybody and when one person hurts, we all hurt. Our principal does a fabulous job at sharing this message. We are all in this together. I love Polk County High School!
Polk County High School is awesome. The teachers and administrators are great. They make learning fun and interesting. Polk County Wildcats are a family and I am proud to be a member.
Most teachers did not care, music and art programs are basically gone! Would not tell anyone to take there kids there to school! Might as well homes school your children
The staff is very helpful in the college preparation process and help in obtaining scholarships through applications and extracurricular activities.
Polk County High School gives great sport opportunities to students who put grades first. The students with great academic abilities are able to play sports to make their high school experience memorable and enjoyable.
The only difference in honor classes and regular classes is that in honor classes you have shorter amount of time than the regular classes to learn the material.
I would have rather gone to a private school that has a dress code and that is very strict on the rules and disicpline.
Sport programs and club orgnizations do not receive the amount of money they should. Most club's the receive stuff is out of the staff members pocket. The only sport that is well taken care of is football.
There is many students not involved with sports, being a fan, school spirit, etc. As an athelete, there are many kids that only want to be at the school when they have to. There should be more fitness in our school. The gym glass sits and talks or walks a few laps then sits down. Many students hate anything to do with being active.
Most of the teachers I have had go above and beyond to help the students and in their job. There are a few teachers that do not care if they get done with what they had planned. Some could careless and some dislike children.
I leave school before lunch this year so my review will not me as good. I do hear people complain a lot about our food though. They say there isn't enough food options, the food tastes bad, the cafeteria staff seem not to care about there opinion, etc.
Following the rules are pushed at my school, but if you get in trouble for breaking them the punishment is not severe enough. People continue to get in trouble for the same things, and receive the same punishment. Teachers and other school officials are available for your need at anytime, but the students don't seem to care. Many students do not care about the school or themselves. They are just satisfied by barely getting by. Many children's parents only come through the door at graduation if that. They just don't care and many parents along with there child does not respect the teachers like they should.
I've never been to another school, so I can't really compare it to anything.
The school building is old, but it's well kept. After-school and before-school tutoring is available and well known. The technology is pretty extensive for such a small school.
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The teachers at my school are both helpful and informative. They are open to any ideas and can grab the students attention.
The school is okay in my book, I just wish that they would give us more tips when it comes to testing and college preparation.
My school lacks Culture and Diversity. All students are mainly Caucasian and only four Hispanics and four Asians and maybe one or two African Americans. But, even with the lack of race we are still accepted into the school.
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