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I love that my school is small and every student knows each other. The principal is closely connected with the students and knows each one individually.
It is really a great school with an excellent atmosphere. The school prepares you for college because you are much more independent in the Early College than other high schools. You grow a close relationship with all the teachers that you can't get anywhere else and you can get help one on one with them.
I love the face pace of The Early College and the fact that we get to take college classes while still in high school. The teachers are great and are always there to help if you need it.
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I love the way the teachers are there for you every step of the way no matter what. The teachers care about your future.
Polk County Early College is an amazing place for a student looking to be 100% college ready. While we are not allowed to participate in local high school sports which is a downer most people here would rather be able to get two years of college out of the way by the time they graduate. Personally I miss sports however I think that sacrifice paid off in the end. The faculty and staff is wonderful at the early college. All of our teachers try their hardest to prepare up for everything we will encounter during college applications and every bit of the college process.
Overall, it is a great school to attend to and they have some great options for online courses. Some of the teaching methods could be altered
Sure, if you were to walk in and visit our school, you would most likely think we are a weird school, but we are also a family. This place has definitely become my second home. The teachers are extremely helpful and will answer practically any question you might have, so never be afraid to ask a question. As for the other students, they are interesting, to say the least, and many of them have become my closest friends. To conclude, my experience at the Polk County Early College was absolutely amazing! I feel as though I am going to cry a river when I graduate in May, because all I will be able to think about is all of the memories I have made at this place. Therefore, thank you, PCEC for giving me this opportunity. I will never forget you.
The Polk County Early College is a great place for students to heighten their academic potential through the use of rigorous coursework and an involved faculty. It's dual enrollment with Isothermal Community College provides an extra advantage come time to move on from high school to college.
Since it is an early college, it prepares you for college life. So most of the time you get to work at your own pace.
The student culture and diversity is average.
Since we are a small school we do not have many clubs, but the clubs we do have are simple but everyone loves participating in them.
The school has basically been like a second home for the past four years. Everyone, teachers and peers,have all been so accepting and generous.
The teachers at my school always go out of their way to make sure we have everything for a certain project or if we are stressed out or worried about an assignment they always help us out and come up with ideas on what we can do to fix our problem. They are amazing teachers and the best ones anyone could ever ask for.
This school is great for its opportunity to work independently and learn to handle assignments like you would in college and even in a career.
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