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Polaris Expeditionary Learning School Reviews

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Most of the teachers are lovely and very genuinely invested in your success, the school also is a very tight-knit community. I enjoy being at school and i find the classes very interesting. The administration is not as great-they fail to serve the proper repercussions for teachers who continuously prove they are inappropriate or incapable of managing and teaching a classroom.
The community at this school is one like no other. Being in a small school environment has been a huge advantage for me. Everyone knows everyone's name and your teachers are not seen as your superiors, they're seen as people who want to help you and see you succeed. I am always comfortable walking into school knowing I'm walking into a very open-minded, accepting, and loving community.
The teachers here care so much about their students, and the education is truly unique. This school follows an Expeditionary Learning Model, so adventure and hands-on learning are part of every day.
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Polaris has very good academics, and we have tested as one of the top schools in the district for years now. This is despite--or as a result of--the 3 weeks out of the academic year we devote to Intensives and Adventures. This is the kind of school where you get out what you put in--it's easy to skate by if that's what you would like, but staying challenged is easy too if you commit to it.

There is little homework, because the teachers understand that we need time outside of school to explore our interests and grow as people. Most homework is anything not completed during class.
I would say it's pretty good. Security measures might not be what they could, but there is minimal need for them, for the most part. Violence inside the school is nonexistent. Being small means that anyone who does not belong sticks out.
This school is an alternative style school, and it really shows. The focus is more definite on 21st century skills and being developed people rather than academics, but myself and my peers have still tested as the best students in the district several years in a row. It is small, closely knit, and very liberal.
The teachers here really care about each student and make an effort to ensure that their individual needs are met. Every single one is able to teach in a number off different styles depending on how their students learn. If you approach them on the terms that they set out in their syllabi or at least respectfully and not at the last minute, they will bend over backwards to provide the assistance you need.
The teachers are great and are invested in you.
Things like Speak Up have been helpful.
They do a great job but they could be more personable.
We have the best principals ever Joe and Starr are amazing. Our counselors Katie and Cynthia also are incredible. I am a privledged student to go to Polaris.
Sports are different at Polaris. We don't have traditional teams but we go on adventures and learn how to rock climb, backpack, and ski!
Polaris has the best teachers ever. They genuinely care about us students and work with us to do our best and be prepared for adulthood.
Polaris is an awesome school that really get's behind students who iniciate a club or idea. Opportunities change from year to year as students interest and leadership changes.
We don't have very many clubs or extra curricular activities, but this is somewhat made up for by intensives and adventure trips
Polaris emphasizes preparing students for the real world, and I think they do this very well
At my school, I have trouble choosing a favorite teacher because there are so many great ones. They try to make class engaging and incorporate techniques for teaching to a variety of learning styles.
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This school is unique in so many ways. Because it is Expeditionary Learning, we value hands-on experiences and field work. We spend three fewer weeks in school than the others in our district because we go out on Intensives and Adventure Trips. We're also very diverse in terms of sexual orientation among the students. This past year, about 1/6 of the freshmen students came out as being queer in some way. This is accepted by everyone at the school, and I have never experienced bullying because of it.
I think our school is very safe, and we rarely ever experience fights. This year, there was only one fight, and it was towards the end of the year. The instigator was either suspended or expelled, but I never saw him at school again. In terms of health, it could be better, because a large portion of the students are unvaccinated, which leads to sickness spreading through the school quickly.
The workload at our school is minimal in terms of homework, which is something we enjoy, but we get a lot done in class. We don't often take tests but instead are graded on our participation in class, in-class work, and projects. Our school emphasizes being able to reason and come up with our own conclusions. Teachers at Polaris are great when it comes to working with students who are having difficulties and they make class very engaging. The only drawback to our school is that, because it is so small, we don't always have a great variety of options for classes.
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