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Poland Union Elementary School Reviews

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Not too sure how in depth a 1st grade curriculum can be.
Considering its age the school is in great condition
The administration seems to be fair.
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I am very satisfied with my child's teacher's ability to manage a classroom and provide quality instruction.
I couldn't be happier with the level of instruction, educational resources deployed, and genuine interest displayed by all involved in my child's education.
Most of the athletic facilities are concentrated at the high school which is nearby. This elementary school is on an older plot of land that doesn't have room to expand. There seems to be little problem reserving a field or court for the elementary children to use for athletics.
Most of the extracurricular activities are not necessarily run by the school but by the community. In that regard there are few suburbs that can match this level of involvement.
I am very confident in the safety of my child while he attends this school.
It's pretty homogeneous as far as race goes; there aren't a whole lot of non-whites in Poland itself let alone this school.
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