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Lot of bullying from teachers and students. The teachers seemed to care more about being respected by the popular kids and less about teaching and helping other students.
Average academics, a very all around traditional high school experience. The athletics are very important to students. The school as a whole is not very interested in college prep. Diversity is extremly lacking at Poland.
I have had a mixed experience with high school in four years, I think Poland has a great academic program for students. I am ready to move on to college with motivation, staff can be challenging at times but I have gotten through without any problems. I was involved in sports and felt all the attention and time was put into just a certain few which made others less interested and eventually got burnt out from that. Overall, I am proud to be graduating from there.
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Good school, would prefer more diversity and less athleticism but other than that I have had too many problems at poland.
Poland Seminary High School was an overall good school plagued by poor administration and apathy. The people in charge did not care about the students' welfare or personal growth. The main focus of the school seemed to be around football and other popular sports, not the academics. The preparedness for college was excellent only due to the fact that the teachers would overwork you to the point of no return. The workload was much harder than college will ever be, and this contributes to the apathy present among some of the teachers and administration.
I liked how close I became with the students in my school. I also liked the teachers I had and my Principles.
I really enjoyed my class mates and the teachers. You will not find a better group of peers and adults to guide you through school.
Poland Seminary High School is an excellent school with wonderful teachers that are knowledgeable in their area of expertise.
Poland Seminary High school is a very safe and well -organized school. There are a few things that I would recommend that need some changing. For example, we are not allowed to wear what we want, and by my opinion if students were allowed to wear what they want, then they would feel more comfortable going to school. Student would feel more motivated to get better grades and to do their work if they were comfortable on what they are wearing. Another thing I would change about Poland Seminary High School is many of the teachers are much too controlling, even just where we are looking or how we are sitting. If students had a little more freedom, we would be more motivated to actually want to go to school. Last, the school is very dark and jail-like. I feel that the school has a very bad atmosphere, and kids would want to come to school more if the school was fixed up or had more windows.
I have had a great experience in high school. I have excelled in school as well as in athletics. I find the teachers are very caring and willing to help. Our principal has a lot of energy and he always stresses to us that we represent our school and our community and we should do so with pride. I have always felt at home in my high school and have enjoyed being a bulldog.
I enjoy attending Poland Seminary High School being that I have been there for three years now and have plenty of friends however, I don’t particularaly like all the teachers or the rules. The teachers are not always resourceful and nice. The rules are far too strict and make it uncomfortable to attend there. I also find the faculty to be very unreasonable to the students and not very informative to everything I should be doing to be ready for college.
The teachers are really involved with the students and want them to succeed in all areas. The administration is supportive of the students and their success. The school promotes success and stresses the importance of representing your school and community all of the time. The students are expected to be respectful, courteous, and well behaved in all situations in school and out of school in the community. The school is involved with many volunteer activities in the community and as well as with the younger Poland school students.
We have a great principal, teachers who care, and an athletic director who works hard. The teachers challenge us and care that we do our best. They are here for us and take their job seriously. We know they enjoys their careers. They are available to assist us if we need extra help. We can meet with them before and after school, if necessary Our principal wants us all to succeed. Our principal takes the time to know all of us. He is a disciplinarian, but only for our benefit. He wants us to be responsible and mature. Our athletic director supports student athletes and is our best fan. He rarely misses any athletic event, any day or time of the week. he puts in countless hours to support us.
PSHS is a very good school when it comes to education, but there is room for improvement in other aspects.
The school thrives because of the overwhelming amount of community support. The many activities and available opportunities for students to get out and experience new things are greatly encouraged by the staff and administration. The school acts as a family and comes together in times of need in order to support greater causes. Academics are important to every student and every teacher.
I had a great time at Poland; wonderful teachers and friendly environment. There is not a lot of diversity, which is something they should work on. Overall, I enjoyed the school very much.
It isn't the worst school, but I saw a lot of budget cuts in music, which is my major, and I didn't like that. Like every other highschool I had some amazing teachers and some not so amazing ones. Overall It is your average highschool.
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Currently I am a senior at Poland Seminary High. While my last 4 years here weren't all that great, I can honestly say that its the best high school I could recommend to parents of incoming freshman. It is so easy to get around and navigating your classes is a piece of cake. While the students may be snobby and stuck up, the teachers and administration really take the time to make their students feel as at home as possible. They are truly what made my high school career so enjoyable. Once graduated, I will miss coming here at 7:30 sharp and interacting with all of the amazing staff.
I like the teachers. They are good at their jobs and they help prepare you for the future. I also like the community atmosphere that is created when I go to school everyday. I would change the food. It's not the best.
Overall, Poland is a decent school. I was able to get a lot of college credit classes done there and overall think I received a good education. The guidance counselor although did not help with my college readiness. Also I felt that there were not a lot of clubs to join.
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