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Teacher are amazing at Poland Regional. Many teachers are National Board Certified and come to class excited to teach. There are two teachers that have won teacher of the year (one in Androscogin county, the other Maine state). Most teachers are always looking for ways to help students succeed in any way they can. The administration, on the other hand, has failed to support students and faculty throughout the years. Protecting the school's reputation is constantly put before the school's needs. Unfortunately for the World Language department at Poland Regional, the only language classes taught in RSU 16 other than 4 years in high school is one semester of Spanish in 8th grade. This doesn't allow language students to complete high school at a language proficiency even close to that of students from nearby schools, even with the amazing foreign language staff. Overall, a great school. It's only limitation in becoming an amazing one is the administration that acts an an anchor.
Had a good experience here. Most of the staff here is very nice and supportive. The curriculum can get confusing and can lead to many students to not succeed in their high school career. Overall, the school is nice, somewhat taken care of and has a positive atmosphere.
At Poland Regional High School everyone feels supported, connected, and challenged by their teachers, peers, and the curriculum. As a freshman, I felt immediately accepted by everyone and this is probably attributed to the small size of the school and the classes in general. Teachers make an effort to know you for more than your grades and want to see you succeed. The school offers many opportunities for students to show leadership, take challenging courses, receive college credit, and be creative. They also make a point to allow students to participate in many things. During my time at PRHS I have participated in Varsity Field Hockey, Track & Field, Speech and Debate, Drama, Chorus, Band, Student Council, and several honors and AP Classes. This diversity for a student is not only accepted, but encouraged at Poland. Anyone attending the school is lucky to call Knight Nation their family and their home.
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So far, I have had a fairly good experience. The teachers are quite nice and knowledgeable of their subjects, and some of the courses are interesting. However, due to the school's location and lack of resources (financial and otherwise), the academics and extra-curricular activities are lacking.
Throughout my three years so far at Poland Regional High School, I've had an amazing experience. Everyone is friendly and willing to help you both academically, emotionally and more. I believe I have made life long friends at this school and have learned life lessons that will be carried throughout my life. Although there are some areas in the school that need to be fixed such as the grading system and the required classes to graduate, I believe Poland Regional High School is a highly ranked school compared to the surrounding schools and more.
PRHS is a fantastic school with fantastic faculty who truly care about bettering the students. I would like to see the tolerance for late work to tighten up just a bit to prepare
I love PRHS! all of the teachers are so inviting and helpful and they want you to succeed no matter what. Each class if formed to make you a better student and to prepare you for college and I can truly say that I am ready. Even though I am ready to go to college I don't want to leave PRHS because of the community we have built. I don't know what they could change because they are an amazing school that makes students better and well rounded individuals.
This school has a very strong artistic curriculum but rather lacks in its athletic departments. The academics are average and comparable to any other school.
I love how Poland Regional is a small and caring community! The teachers really care about the students and seem passionate about what they teach!
I like the community at Poland High School. There are good relationships between teachers and students. The environment of the school is really empowering and uplifting.
I graduated in 2013. Teachers are a mixed bag, some are extremely qualified and really care about their students - Mr. Carter and Mr. Novak for example. Some were so unprepared and indifferent, in retrospect it's shocking. The one aspect that really makes my review 2 stars is college readiness. There was no SAT prep options and almost no support whatsoever for first generation college students (like myself). There are a ridiculous amount of required classes that actually made it difficult to take AP classes. The 'roundtable' adviser idea could potentially be great, but they need to be more selective about the teachers that they choose, or provided them with way more training. My adviser was a gym teacher who did not have the tools to help his students and acted more as a homeroom babysitter. For a high school that serves a population were 40% of the students are economically disadvantaged, they do not have the proper support to help students succeed.
Staff were very accessible and resourceful when needed. Academically I felt more time could have been spent on teaching vs. free time.
This school has amazing and caring teachers who interact on a personal level and want to see all their students succeed. With many different courses to offer in all ranges from English to Physics.
Dedicated school district that is devoted to the children's education. The school continues to grow each year as a whole. The students get a well rounded education!
Poland Regional High School, despite being a rather small tri-town public school, was a great experience. There were many clubs and organizations to get involved in and the teachers that I had in class care very much about the students and their well being.
Poland Regional High School has not only changed me into a better person, but has showed me I have great potential. Poland has provided me with lots of support through my transition to adult hood. The standard grading system is a bit hard to pass classes, but in the end it is there so they know that you are getting the most out of your education. honestly I love PRHS its not only a school, but a community where everyone can feel safe and loved.
Poland Regional highschool is a very safe and accepting school. The Homerooms prepare you for future by have sophomore and senior projects. There is a variety of classes and clubs/activities. The faculty is kind and accepting and willing to work with you.
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Poland Regional High School is a fantastic school. Although it is rather on the small side compared to some schools, they make do with what they have. Being a Junior that attends this school, I have had a lot of experience with the teachers and staff of the school. Every one of them are all very knowledgeable in their field of teaching. When you walk into class it becomes apparent that they are there to teach you the things you need to know and they will help you learn them if you are struggling. The teachers and the community are the real driving aspects for Poland, there aren't many schools with the minimal amounts of bullying that they have there. As far as academically prepared goes, it is all right. The school does offer a handful of AP courses (Advanced Placement) that help you get the college class experience, but due to budget restrictions they can't have too many of them. Overall, a great school that I thoroughly enjoy attending.
The community is the best factor of this school. Its actually the only good thing about this school. My classmates and community was very close and caring. The teachers were okay, some were fantastic! Our school didn't have good rankings in sports and that due to our athletic director.
I have had a great experience using the Niche website. Everything is easy to navigate and get the information that I am looking for. I wouldn't change a thing!
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