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What a really enjoyed at Poland is the close, tight knit family we had even with our school being a small rural school. Whether it was in the classroom, playing sports, engaging in the fine arts or enjoying activities in clubs and organizations. When going to Poland you could always count on someone which could be fellow student, teachers or higher faculty. As students at Poland we always knew there was someone that would always having our back. Parents were also a big component of Poland by participating in many activities. Our community was known for hanging balls on the light poles in the village to show our pride for the sports teams. Parents were proud and the players were excited to see their names mentioned.
One thing I would like to see is more higher level courses. If you were someone that was an honor student by the time you reached your junior and senior years your options were small for those individuals. Overall my experience was one to remember.
A majority of the students do not seem to care about their academics. Most of the students just want to pass the class and graduate, not stride for any higher accomplishments.
Overall, safety at Poland has not been an issue. The town usually very safe in general.
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For such a small school, the sports and clubs available is not too shabby. I have a great experience playing sports here and my friends have had great times in clubs.
In one aspect, I am very thankful to have gone to a small, safe school.

Classes were small, allowing one for one with teachers. Also, it allowed everyone the opportunity to participate in sports and clubs easily. I enjoyed playing sports for PCS greatly and I will miss it when I graduate. On the other hand, going to a small town school has it's flaws. Life is pretty simple and often boring. You are with the same 20 students everyday for so many years that it feels like nothing has ever changed. Such a large majority for the students behave, dress, act, and talk the same, that if you do not fit in that category, making friends can be difficult.
There are some teachers that are absolutely great: funny, helpful, intelligent, etc. However, I have had bad experiences with several teachers who do not respect students' opinions or needs.
The opportunities are almost endless I know some kids who play 2 sports a season and are also involved in clubs and all of that
Overall my experience at this school has been great, as a teenager it can be hard at times to get through high school and continue to enjoy school, at Poland it makes the environment very open to anyone and welcoming to parents who are concerned on there children's learning. My school is unique because it is a very small school with huge community involvement. I would choose this school over again because how close I have become to people and my experience was great.
I believe that the teachers in my school are very helpful and the styles that they teach in help to engage the students and keep them instrested. Communication skills are important and very well show in Poland.
With the new Olweus program, the administration is really trying to promote a welcoming school and really pounding out bullying. They have a nurse, but the most she can really do is give you a band-aid or ice pack and send you home or to the hospital. The safety measures are obeyed whenever necessary, like in sports, gym class, or science labs. If a fight ever broke out, the teachers would break it up in 2 seconds. We have a general attitude that destructive behaviors like drugs are bad. The school is a safe place and in an area with little crime.
There are many different sports and other activities. There is an after school study hall and a tutoring program. There are many different clubs, like drama, foreign language, student council, ski, skate, music, honor society, students against destructive decisions, peer leadership, mock trial, science, envirthon and like a million others. They are usually pretty low pressure and welcoming to anyone. We have blood drives, spaghetti dinners, family fun nights, 4,000 different sports, all kinds of community involvement and fundraisers. Lots of things to do and a place for everyone.
This school is great and everyone supports everyone else. There isn't too much drama/fighting and there is a strong sense of community. Everyone knows everyone and there is a general sense of respect for others. The teachers care about their students and the students care about each other.
The teachers at Poland really care about their students and their success. They keep the environment welcoming, engaging, and fun. They really know what they are talking about and are willing to help whoever needs it.
This school is located in a very small town in Central New York, so crime isn't really something many people think about when they live there. We do drug sweeps and have practices for fire drills and if someone dangerous is in the building, we all know the protocals we are to follow. The nurse is very nice, although no one really has much need of anything super medical related. The procedure for allergies is followed to a T in this school, especially for peanut butter.
The teachers at this school are very nice and care a lot about their students, always going one step further for them than is required. Normally all teachers are very consistent in their grading, although sometimes because the school is so small, you may run into light favortism.
The classes are pretty run of the mill, with only two AP classes. However, you do get offered a multitude of CollegeNOW classes your Junior and Senior year that count towards college credit. The teachers, for the most part, are pretty nice and understanding, however they still expect you to work to get the grades you want. If you do your homework and study for the tests in your classes you'll pass just fine.
There's an abundance of extracurricular choices for students to choose from, including multiple sports, drama, and musical clubs. The clubs are pretty easy going, with the people being there because they want to be which makes the time spent afterschool much more enjoyable.
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The teachers are great and the courses fun.
Everyone knows everyone, and there is a group that your will fit into somewhere, guaranteed.
The social scene is fine, you choose your friends like everywhere else. Our school is predominantly white,
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