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At Pojoaque Valley High school i like being able to chose the classes we need. I love how the teachers help us out with anything we need in order to succeed. I like how any faculty members are concerned if we look sad. i like the lunch's there, there not that bad and there not so great either. I like how we have a choice between two choices of what we want to eat for lunch and that there is not a choice for one. I love how the counselors are concerned in any bad grades or behavior, its very nice of them to help us out.
My experience at Pojoaque Valley High School was great because the teachers push you to succeed and help you with any troubles you have. The staff here always greets you with a smile and has a very good vibe overall.
At Pojoaque Valley High School I liked the friendly and welcoming environment. I would change the level of academic challenge at Pojoaque Valley, and increase the amount of clubs and extracurricular activities that are offered. In addition to this I would change the enthusiasm of the environment and get students and staff more involved.
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Going to Pojoaque Valley High was a good high school and i enjoyed it. The school gives the students many opportunities to enjoy and use them as advantages for college readiness. There are many resources that are available for the students can use. At the school there is no diversity so everyone is welcomed there is no judgement. Academics are good in some classes but if really want good classes you have look at certain teachers.
I loved it! It was the best! I like school! Everyone is so awesome! The staff and teachers rock! I would go back again! I like the place a lot!
I loved it here at Pojoaque Valley High School. The Staff are amazing and the students are diverse and caring. I feel collage ready and prepared for what life has to give. I’m glad for my experiences at Pojoaque! The food could be better and the school could be cleaner but overall it’s a great school. I recommend it and I hope to have my children attend school here!
Pojoaque High School is a great learning environment with great teachers willing to put forth extra time and effort to help anyone be successful. I found my experience to be very valuable. I graduated this year (2018) and I feel like I am college ready. Pojoaque is a very safe and healthy learning environment.
The thing that I like about Pojoaque High is the student involvement towards the school. Everybody helps to get things done and everyone participates in school events. We all work together very efficiently and make the school a better place
I really like my school district. You start at kindergarten and move on throughout the years things keep changing, classes get harder. The one thing that will never change is your classmates. I know each and everyone of my classmates since we were all five years old. All of us have a special bond that cannot be broken.
What I really liked about Pojoaque High School was the close knit community. Almost everyone that went there came from the surrounding cities and towns. The value on culture was very strong. Since most of the students and staff came from the area, they not only valued, but taught us about our culture on a daily basis. Weather it be from the Native American to Hispanic, culture played a big roll in school.
What I like most about Pojoaque high school is how everyone gets along for the most part and how pretty much all the teachers want their students to pass. Something I don't really like about Pojoaque high school is how sports is something people care about too much. Something I would change at this school is making all the programs more equal.
I love pojoaque high school mainly because it is a very strong community and I feel at home here. I grew up attending pojoaque schools my whole life. This is where all my friends and family are at. I've made my memories here and I don't want to change that. Of course there is plenty of room for improvement. Pojoaque schools have trouble keeping teachers so some teacher improvement can be made and also some more opportunities for kids to be more prepared for college. As we are already an AVID (advanced via individual determination) school, some more college opportunities can make the students more excited for college.
As a Native American student, my mother felt that I didn't get the help I needed. And the teachers were never really willing to stay after school, or didn't care enough to ask me if I needed help when my grades went down.
The teachers who teach at this school are very well minded. They care for the students more than anything and will go out of their way to help students with any help they need. They are very consistent in their grading, adding our grades to the computer every week. They incorporate their teaching with todays technology and before moving further on in a lesson they make sure all students understand the portion they are teaching.
The teachers at Pojoaque Valley High School are pretty good but there are a few in the bunch that don't stay on top of grading and they enter grades at the last minute and it is very hard for us students to keep track of work if there is nothing in the grade book.
There are multiple options for extra curricular activities and are supported by the school.
I am a part of Mock Trial at my school and have had good experiences with the parents. The school also supports the students.
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This year I have four teachers and they have been some of the best teachers I have ever had. The teachers give plenty of work and always grade them in reasonable amounts of time. Teachers that i have are very helpful and are always willing to assist their students.
There are good security measures and the school has a good relationship with law enforcement if we need their help.
There are lots of extracarricular activities offered. Sports have the most participation of extracarricular activities.
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