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Our school needs more qualified teachers, especially in the math field. Other than academic teaching, the staff is usually very concerned and supportive of its students.
Overall the school itself is ok. The facilities are not in the best of shape but, they are also not unusable.
Through my high school career though I’ve had plenty of different opportunities to try new things whether they be different extracurricular activities or joining a group. Point Pleasant High School is not the best school but it is by no means the worst.
Point Pleasant High School has an wonderful staff, the counselors are always willing to work with you and put you in the classes you need to succeed. Most of the teachers are well trained and know how to teach students, even those who have no interest in said teacher's subject. All of the sports activities are so well organized, even the band (which is my "sport"). It is over all a fantastic experience!
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Point Pleasant Jr/Sr High School is based upon their students being responsible, respectful and achieving high levels in all aspects. I believe that this is accomplished in some ways yet not in others. The safety aspect and the math department in this school development is the thing most lacking.
I had a very good high school experience. The staff was very friendly and the administration was very encouraging.
I like that there are so many teachers willing to help you. Something that I would like to change is that the same people get picked for everything. I wish that the school would give others a chance to be involved in things at the school.
I feel that our math education is the one biggest thing that has been a disappointment. I was definitely not prepared for my ACT test. I enjoyed some of my classes and loved playing sports.
I transferred to PPHS in 10th grade and instantly felt right at home! It is a great school all in all.
The environment is okay, not the best but not the worst. The administration is sub-par, but the counselors are beyond terrible. I never received any help from the counselors here, and I am not sure if anyone that has attended here has. Although the consolers will not give you any assistance, there are some teachers that have your best intention at heart. While there are some teachers that make it very obvious that that do not care about their students, the ones who do care will help you to the best of their abilities. There are some very caring people in this school.
Most of the teachers are very invested about making sure you aspire to be everything you wish to be, but there are some who just show up and give you busy work instead of actually doing their job. This school needs to improve teacher work ethic in some cases, most teachers are very good, but there are some who have no business being there.
While a school of very good teachers, there are some teachers that just don’t do their jobs, and others who obviously do not like children and should not be around them. Most of them are fantastic. The school also does well with Academics, Sports, Fine Arts, but sometimes change the system of way things are, which can be confusing
I'm currently a senior at point pleasant high school. It has been a great experience. I cannot wait to graduate from there so I can go and do my own thing at my own pace and do things correctly.
PPHs is a great school with great administration. I feel like my daughter is prepared for college and her teacbers amhace been great.
At Point Pleasant High School I like the way our administration cares about our future, and making sure we are ready for college. I would like to see staff changes.
I think there is potential there for the overall school it's self, but they need to realize how a lot of the students are toward one another before it can get any better.
I am currently a junior at Point Pleasant High School. I love my school. It has taught me the importance of education, along with filling my schedule with extracurricular activities. I am involved in many things such as: volleyball, band, choir, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and many more. Most of the teachers are very interested in the lives of students and enjoy their job. It is these people who played a huge role in making me pursue a major in education. I have met many life-long friends and made memories that I will cherish forever at Point Pleasant High School.
What I liked about Point Pleasant High School is the many opportunities offered in academics, extracurricular activities, and the staff that makes sure you get the best experience.
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Point Pleasant High School is a well rounded school that I attend. Point Pleasant consists of a Junior High side for 7th and 8th graders while also having a High School side for 9th through 12th graders. This very high school provides many different experiences for different types of students. The school offers many academics, extracurricular, cocurricular, and has a Career Center full of classes for those pursuing technical careers. Attending this school, I have met many teachers and administrators willing to give their time for me and help me in anything needed. My school also has exchange students from all around the world. I definitely recommend my school for those looking for a learning environment full of encouraging staff members and many activities to do outside of academics.
Small town community that is heavily involved with the school especially sports boosters and even the arts programs. Most teachers are friendly and helpful and provide tutoring during lunch. Administration may be hard to track down at times but are always willing to help.
My experience at Point Pleasant High School was wonderful! However, you definitely get out what you put in. By this, I mean that the harder you work at classes the more you will learn and the better you will do. This also applies to the programs that they have at the school. If you do not participate within them you will not understand how they create a difference in your life. Therefore, I would say that my future has been increasingly successful all thanks to the teachers that surrounded me throughout my high school years as they were all extremely helpful and cared for my education just as much as I did. Being in College, many still message to ask how I am doing and offer me assistance in my studies when needed. Therefore, I would conclude that Point Pleasant Highschool attributed greatly to my academic and athletic performances and I would not be where I am now if it were not for the great teachers and administration.
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