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My High Schools offers a multitude of extracurriculars, so I am very grateful to have had the chance to join over 10 clubs myself. The staff is also incredible, and I would not exchange the relationships I have made with my teachers for anything. They are always willing to stay after hours to help their students with classes, or anything they need. The teachers are supportive as well, and they are more than willing to help students with college concerns.
Teachers could be a bit friendlier and more helpful. Lots of time consuming work. Faculty doesn’t really do much to help out. The sports are good I good generally sports teams.
PPBHS really prepared me for college, and the teachers and faculty really care about the success of their students.
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I am lucky enough to grow up in Point Pleasant Boro and attend school here. I believe the education I received here prepared me for college. The staff and teachers are superb.
I enjoy my high school, which compared to many schools nearby doesn't have a many kids. Maybe 200+ students per class on average. In addition, there are many different extracurricular activities in all sorts of athletics and other things; however, I don't really participate in many of them.

Also, they have many AP classes available, more than some bigger high schools. This is because our schools is in a more wealthy area compared to other schools. Im sure other schools would have them if the schools could afford to have multiple of them.

My school has a behavior program called "Be on Point" which bothers me because it is a system when you "Do good". But the system bothers me for some reason, I just don't like it how it rewards bad kids who do "better" than they usually do vs kids who are always good. You can redeem the tickets for prizes like gift cards for local restaurants, etc. I think bribery is the wrong way to go about it.
Some teachers are great but administration is horrible. Big disconnect between administration and students. Teachers are not given the freedom to do what they feel is best. Many teachers are grandfathered in andare truly horrendous teachers. Mismanagement of the budget for stupid things.
The Performing Arts Department at this school has prepared me for so many real-world experiences while also having a lot of fun!
Point Pleasant Boro high school is a great place... if you were born and raised in point pleasant. While the education I recieved and the teachers I met were amazing, the serious isolation to new students is a huge problem. Every new student I met felt the same way; nobody will talk to me. I moved in my junior year of high school, and I was excited about meeting new people and making friends. I never have had an issue with making friends before in my life, until I attended PPBHS. I joined clubs and sport teams, but nobody wanted to talk and acted annoyed when I tried to talk to them. This wicked isolation left me feeling seriously depressed, so I dual enrolled for my senior year (a program only one other student does). That being said, I rate it 2 stars because of the few teachers and other new student who really helped me get through my junior year. Being treated like I am “less than” also helped to make me a much stronger person in the long run.
I love the small student population and how easy it is to make friends. The Performing Arts Department is also amazing and turned me into the person I am today.
Point Pleasant Borough High school has an amazing atmosphere and because of how small our town is, everyone knows each other. Everyone has connections and everyone is alike. Point Boro has great teachers that care about their student's education and also are there for their students on a personal level. The staff overall is very helpful when students are struggling with something at home or in school. Sports are a huge thing at Point Borough and I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else. I was involved with sports and clubs and I don't regret being involved at all.
What I like most about Point Pleasant Borough High School is it’s school spirit and pride we carry as a community. As being a spectator to most sporting events such as football, wrestling, basketball, baseball, etc. the energy surrounding the field/court/mat is unbelievable.
Point Pleasant Borough High School had a lot to offer its students. The staff is always doing its best to provide the students with the ability to succeed.
Great teachers, you really learn alot, especially in the ap and honors courses. The art classes are great and creative. most faculty is good. very safe and welcoming school
Attending Point Pleasant Borough High School has been a great experience for me. The administration and teachers really seem to care and have the students' best interest in mind. I love the variety of courses available and there is always someone's to offer help and guidance when needed.
I loved the experience in general. It really prepared me for college. The teachers seemed to actually care whether or not we learned.
Very qualified teachers. Great diversity in AP classes. Students are motivated to push each other to succeed.
Point Pleasant Boro High School has made my high school experience great. Most teachers genuinely seem to care about making their students succeed and are the right mix of fun while still preparing us for college, AP tests etc. Not a fan of the administration, mainly Karsich, and the beetles that seem to out populate students when the weather is warm. However, the overall experience has far outweighed all of that.
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I found in Point Pleasant Borough High School that teachers tried their best to connect with their students in order to make a difference in the classroom. Most teachers were ready to help a student, whether it be by staying after school, coming in earlier, or even during lunch/study halls. However, there was never much school spirit going on in the borough, which made spirit weeks and pep rallies almost pointless. Overall, Point Pleasant Borough High School was a decent school to attend.
I never felt unsafe going to school.
I was involved in various clubs, winter and spring track, and soccer. I had a great experience I'm glad I got involved in different activities!
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