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Point Pleasant Beach High School Reviews

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Prepares students for the next level quite well, teachers are mostly easy-going with no complaints. The sports teams are fairly good, coaching has always been top notch. Lunchtime was nice in that we got to leave and come back without any issues.
It’s nice that they offer a MacBook Air to all students since 6th grade that you take home and return at the end of each year. Although some teachers do not allow work on laptop which is ridiculous considering what’s the point of having them. Certain teachers mostly in the history department and English do not teach at all, but that’s every school so. I have been attending point pleasant beach since 6th grade and it’s certainly a nice place for students to go. Students from here are seen differently because of our academic standings. We are the #1 school in ocean county!
Just transferred to a different school last year because of all the “schedule conflicts.” I was paying out of tuition for this school, therefore I was treated like a second class citizen.
The guidance department had an attitude every time my parents had a question pertaining to colleges or schedules, commonly rolling her eyes at us.
Every time I applied for a specific class, it would always be full. Finally, my parents and I had enough, deciding that it wasn’t worth the money.
The teachers, however, are generally nice and knowledgeable in their subject.
Overall, if you’re an out of tuition student save the thousands of dollars and go to a different school, unless you want to be treated as a second class citizen by the guidance department and the students.
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Point Pleasant Beach High School is a great school to get a high school education and the curriculum is well taught. However, many changes have been made within the past year that aren't and have never been justified by the administration. There is no communication between the students and staff and the administration. If a problem is addressed, we never get an answer. My freshmen-junior year was great, but my senior year was ruined slightly by the choices that the administration has made such as strict snow day policy, safety "concerns", etc. Communication would be greatly appreciated by the students and staff. Otherwise, we all receive a fantastic education.
Point Pleasant Beach High School is a small school in a beach town which brings people together from all different places in one close school. Everyone knows each other and everyone has school spirit for the love of our High School and town.
Point Pleasant Beach High School has been an amazing and positive experience for my daughter. She has done extremely well here, and she is very prepared to meet the challenges of college in the fall. The school is extremely small, which is both a positive and a negative. It has allowed her to have close relationships with some teachers, but has also limited her exposure to other cultures, races, and religions being that there is no diversity. It is a white, middle-class, Christian (mostly Catholic) community. My wish for her is to experience more diversity in her college years.
Not great but it could've been worse, and with the new changes I feel like it might only get worse for students in the future.
Point Pleasant Beach High School for me was a great school. Kind students, kind and invested teachers, sanitary place. Although, the school lacks much diversity there have been no incidences in which there have been any racial problems. The school is small with a small amount of students which allows everyone to know each other. Small classrooms allow for a smaller student to teacher ratio allowing for more personal attention in most classes. Sports life is highly viewed by many, and a large amount of students participate in sports. However, since the school isn't large, there isn't a large option of classes and diverse material to choose from, nonetheless, it still gives many important and for many sufficient enough classes.
Defiantly a small but friendly school!! Great sports and they teachers are friendly and willing to stay late to help you with what ever you need. School also supplies apple laptops for each student to use and take home with you very updated and all around good school!
We have a large variety of clubs and organizations to join at our school. There is something for everyone. However most people do not advantage of them and get involved.
It was okay, but could have been better.
Most teachers go above and beyond with their duties, however some do not.
The health and safety policies at my school are extremely important and are shown as such.
The extracurricular opportunities at my school are endless.
The overall quality of the teachers is excellent and they are very accessible to students in need. They are more than just teachers, they are mentors.
Kids are very accepting of each other, nurse has an open door policy. Athletic trainer is awesome.
This is a great school. The kids are not just part of a school, they are part of a tight community.
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The community that this school was built in is a great place for children to attend school
At Point Pleasant Borough High School, it is filled with respect. There are plenty of thing the teachers do to try to get the kids involved. All of the teachers are respectful and open minded. I would say only about two teachers always think that their way is the best way but the rest of them are very involved and respectful.
the school is small and known for its school system. only 400 students in high school. every student has a laptop 24/7. high achievements in educations and sports and clubs. out of town people pay to have their kids come to the school
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