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Its pretty chill but it is not very unique it seems like every other high school in San Diego. There is mostly white people in this school and administration Is not good at protecting students while they're at the campus.
My experience at PL has been great so far. The school is really what you make of it. I know, it's not to pretty from an outside perspective, but once you get to meet the teachers and students it's definitely a great vibe.
Students here are safe, teachers here are well rounded and care for the whole. The overall school campus is safer than most and staff members care for all.
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The staff are the best. They aren’t just staff who don’t care they actually care about you. I would change the way some teacher are teaching.
At Point Loma High School, you get out of it what you put in. If you get involved in a few of the dozens of clubs, sports, and other activities, chances are you will have a more exciting experience than just going to class.
But like any school, it's not going to be perfect. There are many different types of students, so it's impossible to get along with everyone.
Just find your niche and you will be fine.
The campus itself needed a lot of work, and it lacked the proper facilities needed for several sports. Malfunctions occurred often throughout the school day such as the fire alarm going off multiple times, lights not working, and the whole internet being down. They also need to re-evaluate several of their staff members.
It was a very helpful, safe, caring, and academically rigorous environment. The faculty and staff would go aboe and beyod for there students and can easily show fair tretment to everyone around them. The ethnic diversity found at PLHS allow all students to feel comfortable in joining any of the dozens of clubs, organizations, and sports.
The teacher and faculty are excellent. They are knowledgeable and pleasant.
The sports program has exceeded my expectations on the field and off. The coached are just amazing and very hands on. They are always available to talk. The parents really are a community and are readily available. The campus is very nice and the students seem to really get along with one another. The academics are diversified and has a lot of different classes to choose from. I would like to see a little more security on campus and added bathroom monitors. The food service is great. Kiosks are all over the campus and are easily accessible.
It's not your usual Highschool besides the occasional squads. we all have them. Everyone is open to knowing each other and we work together as a team. There are clubs for everyone and there's never a time you should feel left behind. Wheather you like art clubs or chess, there's everything. teachers are dedicated and actually enjoy their jobs. My experience in this school for the past three years has been by far the best part of my life. We all get the chance to express ourselves however we like and grow mentally. This school will be missed by me and I highly recommend giving the point Loma high experience a try.
You get what you put in at Point Loma. Advanced classes are usually rigorous and require significant out of class effort, while "normal" classes are often called "a joke" and you get an A by simply attending and doing classwork. I've had amazing teachers who provide engaging, in-depth and helpful lessons and I've had others who play you the history channel while they shop on their laptop. The athletic experience is solid, their system of giving you PE credit for participating in sports is great and I've heard of other schools that are not as generous with that. You can take a wide range of classes or after-school sports that fulfill your two-years of PE requirements, some examples being yoga, surf PE, cheer, marching band, and regular seasonal sports.
I've had a wonderful experience at Point Loma high. I've met great teachers and made friends that I get to grow with. It is crazy that it is all coming to an end, but very exciting! What should change? everyone should just be themselves and have the time of their lives. Make things happen.
I liked the many different programs offered and the college classes as well, helping students get into a good college.
What I love about Point Loma highschool is that everyone is aware of their sorroundings on what is going on around the world.
Point Loma High School is a very diverse campus that does it's best to accommodate all students at every level.
Point Loma has a very open campus and somewhat decent facilities. There are always organized events going on and sports games with school spirit almost every weekend. However, I have had not quite the best experiences with teachers in specific educational departments and lots of substitutes weekly due to teachers not showing up.
Point Loma High School has wonderful programs in all areas, sports, academics and clubs! They get the kids involved and promote all types of extra curricular activities for everyone! They never leave anyone out and support everyone 100%!
I’m currently a senior at Point Loma, and will be transitioning to college this fall. You are the master of your own experience at PL. If you choose to challenge yourself and strive for academic success, the option is there and the teachers of higher level classes are more than capable. If that isn’t what your looking for, it isn’t hard to coast on the more basic classes offered. There is a large spread of extracurriculars to choose from. Sports are fairly popular, and Pointer athletics are generally competitive yet fun, and teams are very close. PL does a great job helping students through testing and preparing for college applications. I’d surely be lost in the process without help from teachers and counseling staff.
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Point Loma High School is a standard American Public High School. The education is average, with the math department requiring the most improvement. The atmosphere is monotoned. Not a lot of socialization; a lot of cliques all around. It houses mainly white students, with a somewhat small minority population. Not very diverse with clubs and activities. It’s pretty average but better than most, I have to admit.
Point Loma is a very good school. All of the teachers I have had so far are dedicated to their work and have made class interesting. They deeply care about their students and do all they can to help them succeed. My counselor is very good at her job. She really takes into consideration my opinion and helps me make decisions based on what I want to do after high school. She is very supportive and understanding. Most teachers have special connections with students and that is what makes class a better experience.
I went to school here since freshman year, and the teachers are very dedicated, the office people some are nice but there is one lady that does transcripts and she is very mean , I went back to pick up my official transcript to sent it to my colleges and was very rude , she needs to work on her paciente , she treated me like if I was a kid , I knew what I came for . I felt like she was making the environment overwhelming and wasn’t even on the mood to help me fill out the sheet that I was supposed to do to get my transcript
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