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There is a lot to be said about the last few years here, but I think the administration and overall experience is currently on its way up.
This school needs new staff especially a new principal who will put the students first. The school needs to get parents more involved. This school has perverted teachers. Terrible high school experience and I will NEVER send my children here.
Point Arena High School is in a small rural area. A lot of the teachers are educated, well rounded individuals. Getting one on one time with the educators is much easier since there is more trees on the campus then people. However, having a high school that ranges between 100-150 people can be difficult if your a social person. The ways you branch out socially seem to be fruitless and your peers are often narrow minded. Yet it is still a great place to go if you prefer a more relaxed quiet lifestyle.
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There are hardly any clubs at this school
This school is unique because of its friendliness within it.
The teachers at this school care about the students general and personal issues
everything is okay but we need more exciting events and trips, and the homecoming parties need more excitement and participation
my overall experience was good I have made so many good memories. Going to a small school andn living in a small town has given me drive to want to move out of the town to bigger and better things
The quality of the food is good the only problem is that we don't have many choices. There used to be many choices but they were no healthy but they later removed them and didn't replace them with healthier choices.
when i first got to high school the policies where not inforced well. Now a senior time have changed and we are under better watch.
being a cheerleader my self school spirt is very important. We have a small school but everyone shows up to games. They teams give 100% so they are very interesting to watch.
All of the teachers have very different ways. There is only a few that truly care about the students and there grades.
Everyone in my school has played or is playing a sport. we all play sports because we come from an very small school. It gives us something to do to keep up out of trouble.
The School just got a new principal, the counselor is not very good, office staff does there job but is disrespectful.
I Like Everything about the school. The only thing I could wish for is more people to meet.
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