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Poinciana STEM Elementary Magnet School Reviews

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Overall, we LOVE Poinciana! They were so patient with my son and worked very hard to help him handle his emotions and problem solving. I appreciate all they did for us while we attended.
A few prejudice teachers. But the one that is the one i most have the problem with is Mrs. Fieldman. She uses inappropriately language with students. Also she bullies the students mentally. I pray that her teaching license she be revoked. She needs a mental evaluation.
Being that it's a STEM school, the program is more advanced than the average elementary school. All of the special arts even incorporate the STEM core into their framework. The field trips are also designed to correlate with what the kids are learning in class so it reiterates the learning experience. For instance, this year my child has to do a report on a marine animal and their field trip will be to the marine lab in key largo where they will snorkel and see the marine life first hand.
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This school has extras that other schools lack like the planetarium and the robotics lab. They also have a math lab where the kids work on math in 3D.
Like I said before, Poinciana teachers are the best! I remember when my daughter got here in 3rd grade, her teacher analyzed her FCAT reading diagnostic to see where she was weak and he worked with her on those types of questions all year. Her FCAT scores were great!
Poinciana went from no dress code to dress code all of the time. Personally, I didn't think any of the kids were dressing inappropriately before. Now, the kids have no days to wear what they want. I went to public school and we didn't have uniforms!
It's elementary school. There are no sports teams. My daughter plays on a travel team outside of school.
My child went to another school before Poinciana and was barely involved. At Poinciana, she has been involved in numerous clubs and one team that competed in a national event in California.
Even though the school is not in a good neighboorhood, I feel that it is very secure. They upgraded security measures this past year to even make it more secure.
Poinciana has a very diverse student population as it is a magnet school so it pulls kids from all over the county.
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