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Poinciana High School Reviews

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Poinciana is a school that improves every day, and with those help their students to improve in their life.
I think that Poinciana High School is just another average school. There is not anything special about it but you learn what you need to get to college.
The teachers and the staff are very helpful and love the kids. The teachers also take pride in the lessons they pride. However the lunch is not the greatest.
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Poinciana high school has a wide variety of students, teachers and staff members. Theirs many any people with different ethnic backgrounds, race, color, etc.
Teachers and staff strive for you to do your absolute best. Although this school does have its downs. While their are teachers who want their kids to pass, other teachers just don't care. I hope in the future ALL staff wish their kids the best.
Parents are usually scared for their kids to enroll in poinciana high school, because of the people and the reputation it has had in the past. But its not the school to determine how your kids high school life will be like it's what the kids make of it. My high school years at poinciana high school was amazing!
Poinciana High School was a decent school to go to. I really liked most of my classes. The campus is big. I felt safe in school. Teachers and faculty sometimes listened to their students. It was well organized. I feel the school needed better more lunch options. I also felt like there wasn't enough clubs to join in the school. The turn over rate for teachers was noticeable. The fact that there was teachers coming and going I felt the education wasn't as good at it should have been. I feel like some in some classes I didn't even learn but there were some that were really good. In all I am glad that I graduated with my High School Diploma!
I went to PHS for half a semester. Its a large, outdoor high school. The facilities need a lot of maintenance. It doesn't seem very clean. The people are decent. Teachers are very friendly and helpful. The administration needs some work. They treat the student like they're a group of savages.
I really like Poinciana it’s a decent school. There are some things here such as the sports that could be better. However overall it’s decent.
My experiece was average because as a student I felt many things were wrong. Just a few teachers, I would am very grateful for because they helped me. The food looked like two weeks ago. Some teachers were just there to make money not caring at all for the students.
I liked how involved the faculty was. So many resources to help students succeed Nd get ready for the future
This school is pretty good overall and has a lot of diversity, along with great clubs and sports that you can join. Although it may not be the five star school of your dreams, it will teach you all you need to know for your future in college and as an adult.
I like that poinciana high is a nice school, and SOME teachers are willing to help students, but there are teachers who don’t care. I would like a change in teachers, and guidance counselors. They don’t do much either.
More and more teachers are getting arrested for involvement with a minor..I graduated in 2011 and back then it was good, my brother goes there now and he says it’s horrible... hire better teachers and athletic coaches please.
My experience at poinciana high school has been great over the past 4 years. We have the best Guidance department and college and career counselor. its also an avid school so its very academic and college based campus.
Poinciana High School is a very nice school. It has a variety of clubs and sports for students to be apart of. The Avid program is one of the best in the county considering the teacher, Teresa Haderle takes the program super serious. One thing I would change though would be the food.
I would to see a change and lunch menu and more discipline to the students who choose to interrupt in class and act like a fool.
Well ive been in poinciana since the beginning of my freshmen year and the school has pretty much stayed the same and change woukd make the school a whole lot better. I think dresscode restrictions should be lifted and teachers should be more invovled with their students
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My favorite part about PHS is the uniqueness. The popular kids are in the top 10% of their class, athletes participate in the arts programs and are invested into their academics, which is unusual to see.
What I like about phs is the teacher and how they care about us to pass what I would like to change is the food
When I first went to poinciana high school, I was nervous because it was a change but as the year went on, the days started getting easier and teachers try to help you out. Also, education there is good, they teach and dont make it dragging.
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