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i like the ascend program a lot and the amount of ap classes offered and i love the soccer program. the ascend program is a program for the top 25 incoming freshmen and they get benefit said like priority for scheduling and information that no other kids are getting. they have an array of different programs offered not just ap but different career pathways and electives. the soccer team is great i won a district championship with them this year and i’m very proud of it the future is bright for soccer at poinciana. high school
Poinciana is a great school where teachers and counselors help you tremendous meetings are held according to the grade level you are in to provide advice and information about what t is needed to graduate from PHS. We have great school spirit, and have many activities that occur on campus.
It's a decent school if you're simply looking to graduate. Often times it feels like they're more focused on things like dress code than education. Occasionally you'll find a teacher that actually teaches the material but most of the time its just worksheets. Classrooms are quite small and overpacked with students and the campus isn't the cleanest.
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I go to Poinciana so obviously I have a more direct connection to how things go on there. They give us freedoms and incentives while still being able to keep most of the students in check which is nice. It's a pretty safe environment with lots of clubs and activities to choose from. I love my school personally.
What I love about poinciana high school is the avid program and the internship with CFE offered here. The only thing I want to change is probably more classes that can help you with online classes
Poinciana high school is an awesome school because the students there are respectful and there are some great teachers. Poinciana high school can improve if there are more teachers that really care about their students.
Here at Poinciana High School, I have had great teachers who truly care about me and my education all three years. Before I started High School I did not want to go to Poinciana High School, I wanted to go to Osceola High School with all my friends but moving circumstances changed that. Although this may not have been my first choice, I have had a great and memorable experience so far at Poinciana High School and it definitely has prepared me for my future to come.
It Is A Very Interesting That Is Very Diverse.. The Teachers Really Want To See You Progress! This School Has Shown Me How To Be Ready For The Real World When I Will Meet People From All Backgrounds! I Wish I Could Go To This School All Over Again. I Did Experience Two Different Principals , But The New Principal Took His Job With Dignity. I Would Recommend People To Attend This School & Give It A Try !
teachers are very nice and desire to see you succeed and while give you chances to improve your grade.
The school is okay, they make sure you're on your task but do that in a very odd way. Take my 1st periof teacher, i do something wrong or am off-task, she likes to utter disrespectful things under her breath that'll clearly cause me to want to say something back.
One thing I really enjoyed at Poinciana High was the Programs they had available. They had an automotive, culinary, and a nursing program. They had a lot of opportunities for a lot of students.
I loved the teachers and students here. The only problem I had was it wasnt challenging at all. Quizes and test time comes and we got to use our books to get answers. Band class was fun but we had a lot of down time. My english, math classes and History class was the most challenging. I graduated in 09', we were small school at the time but everyone was super nice. There was barely any drama at this school at the time. Ceramics class is a must super fun!!!!!
I’ve been at Poinciana all four years and it’s definitely on the come up It has changed a lot since my freshman year. The staff are great, definitely underrated people!!!
Poinciana High is a place of place of great diversity and school spirit. We “rep the p” (poinciana) which makes our campus vibrant all days of the school week. However, there is always room for improvement, I hope that eventually students will start more clubs on campus to make it a place of fun and extra curricular activities
Poinciana is a school that improves every day, and with those help their students to improve in their life.
I think that Poinciana High School is just another average school. There is not anything special about it but you learn what you need to get to college.
The teachers and the staff are very helpful and love the kids. The teachers also take pride in the lessons they pride. However the lunch is not the greatest.
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Poinciana high school has a wide variety of students, teachers and staff members. Theirs many any people with different ethnic backgrounds, race, color, etc.
Teachers and staff strive for you to do your absolute best. Although this school does have its downs. While their are teachers who want their kids to pass, other teachers just don't care. I hope in the future ALL staff wish their kids the best.
Parents are usually scared for their kids to enroll in poinciana high school, because of the people and the reputation it has had in the past. But its not the school to determine how your kids high school life will be like it's what the kids make of it. My high school years at poinciana high school was amazing!
Poinciana High School was a decent school to go to. I really liked most of my classes. The campus is big. I felt safe in school. Teachers and faculty sometimes listened to their students. It was well organized. I feel the school needed better more lunch options. I also felt like there wasn't enough clubs to join in the school. The turn over rate for teachers was noticeable. The fact that there was teachers coming and going I felt the education wasn't as good at it should have been. I feel like some in some classes I didn't even learn but there were some that were really good. In all I am glad that I graduated with my High School Diploma!
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