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PCCS is an affordable, private Christian school located in a rural, and therefore, peaceful community. I love that this small school is successfully meeting the needs of the individual student whether overcoming learning differences or providing opportunities to be competitive for our high achievers.
I have gone to this school my entire life and have watched it grow over the years. t is very near and dear to my heart and I have always considered it my second home.
I attended Poetry Community Christian School for a total of four years, and I just have to say that every single one of those years were absolutely phenomenal. Their education encouragement really helped me get my grades up, and motivated me to do better every single day. I am so proud to be a graduate from Poetry Christian because not only did I have a major improvement academically, but this school also improved my character and helped me developed become a better version of myself. I am extremely thankful for Poetry Christian Community School, and I can not wait to see how it grows and continues to impact students’ lives!
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I have been there since I was in kindergarten and it has been my second home! While my life is constantly changing and evolving, the school will always be a forever home. Everyone at that school has always looked at me like I am there son or daughter and made me feels special. The school has made a great impact on me and my fellow students.
I'm a senior at PCCS. I feel as though I have received a quality education that has prepared me for college.
Poetry is a friendly, fun, welcoming school. The administration is very involved in every day activities and bring joy and encouragement throughout the day. The teachers are determined to help you succeed.
PCCS is a diamong in the rough of rural Kaufman county, Texas. Hidden in the rural community of Poetry (a perfect description of this area), PCCS houses 260 students, from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. With an average class size of 18, 95% family return rate, lower than expected tuition, and college prep curricula, PCCS provides a Christ-centered academic invironment where every student matters. The parent partnership program not only keeps overall costs down, but ensures that every family is invested in the vision of the school.
The people at Poetry are really great people, and it's a great environment for any student who wants to be around other christians. What I really hope to see for Poetry is to expand their athletics program drastically, and not show favoritism to one sport. Also, no one shows up at any of the games (except the players parents) so there is very little school spirit.
Poetry Community Christian School is a great school to go to. It's a small private school with the best teachers ever. Everything is centered around Christ and learning. All the students there are amazing people, and everybody are friends. I love my school!
I have attended PCCS for many years and have liked it a lot. I never felt that I was missing out on anything because I went to a private Christian school. I got over 20 dual credits toward college which was great and will save my parents money in the long run. I also enjoyed picking electives every semester (there were so many choices). I love my friends and my teachers. I feel prepared and ready for college.
We have great attendance at our games! We sell spirit wear and have spirit days. We have boys and girls sports including basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, track plus more than 50 students in the Christian Soldiers Karate program (I hold a black belt in that program now). We have a relatively new gym (it looks new and was built in 2004, I think) with regulation size courts. Our fitness studio is only a few years old and has a new martial arts flooring in it. While varsity is try-out only, the other teams like JV and JH allow anyone to play who is interested and committed.
This is a rural school at least 20 miles from any city, so we feel really safe here. There are atleast 10 school dads who are in law enforcement who meet with our Administrator. We have many drills, too. I feel safe here.
I will miss my school. It has played a major role in preparing me for college and life beyond high school. I have fond memories of class experiences as well as social experiences. I would definitely go to this school if I could do it again. I also recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and wants teachers and staff who care about them. It isn't a good school for students who want to skate by or for parents who don't want to be involved with their kid's school.
We love our faculty. They are committed to our success and are always available to us. We have a mix of men and women which is good for both boys and girls enrolled.
I am an "A" student and work hard for my grades. The classes are challenging and I like that. I take dual credit and honors courses every semester. Our school also serves students with learning differences. That allows for a lot of diversity at our school. Students with learning differences take "small group" classes in subjects that are difficult for them. There are many choices for a variety of students with various learning goals. We also have a semester system of electives--there are at least 50 electives each semester for students to choose.
We are "fully integrated" according to the accreditation inspectors...I agree! We are very accepting of each other. Our student body motto is "Keep Poetry Weird" meaning we accept individuals here!
Student Council, Praise Team, Speech Team,Drama Team, Athletics (like baseball, basketball, volleyball - for boys and girls there are options) and 4-H.
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Our campus is 6-acres with a regulation-sized gym, elementary building, and two large buildings for JH/HS. The buildings are in great shape and one is only a year old. The school opened in 2002 so everything is updated or new. We have a computer lab, a full-time college & career counselor and college prep courses (like ACT/SAT prep in math, and ACT/SAT prep in English, College & Career class). We also at least two honors courses per semester and 21 hours of dual credit classes so we can go to college with at least a semester done. Under the enrollment contract, families have to perform at least 5 volunteer hours per student enrolled, so parents are very involved...daily! We have bus service to the two largest cities near our school, which is located in a rural area.
The Administration involves parents, students, faculty and staff in policy making through surveys. This collaboration is important.
A small Christian school that competes with public.
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