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Pocono Mountain West High School has a diverse school environment that fosters tolerance and understanding. However, this is hindered by its lack of importance given to budget planning. Funding is poured into less than helpful activities and seminars rather than in the furthering of education in students.
I would like to see better food and needs to be cleaned more and i hope that evryvbody can stop fighting because im tired of it. If your child has anger issues or something else they need to be in seperate classes with their peers
My time spent at Pocono Mountain West high school shaped me into the man I am today. I developed as a critical thinker. Benefitted from its amazing sporting facilities and coaches and above all made friendships that will last a lifetime. if there is one thing I can say to a student at Pocono mountain west high school is seek help. there are teachers in that school who want to see you achieve greatness otherwise they simply wouldn't be there. Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves because odds are you will never have that same opportunity to cross your path again. Be the best you that you can possibly be.
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The west high school is a great place to be. The teachers are very involved and are willing to help anyone with whatever they need. The administration is very nice and will listen to everyone' side of the story. The sports teams are great to be a part of and the coaching staff is great.
The high school offers a friendly environment for all students. Many things have improved like the positive behavior and student involvement. The administration is wonder and always are working to improve the school and keep us safe. The school athletics should be improved. More hours should be put in to focusing on skills with players.
Pocono Mountain West High School has provided me with many opportunities that have allowed me to expand on my leadership skills, get involved in the school community, and prepare for college. My teachers in the past four years have been excellent and the atmosphere is vibrant. Although not always apparent, our school spirit is phenomenal when given the chance to express it. I would not change much about my school, but I do wish that other students would become more involved. There are so many activities and sports events, but with the exception of a few events, not many students come out and support. I feel as if we lack a greater sense of community, but this can be changed with a bit of spirit and cooperation.
Great teachers very caring teachers and a nice atmosphere. There are sometimes bad students but overall it doesn’t ruin the school itself. I would definitely love to go back and thank the teachers for trying so hard to help me succeed.
I liked how the student council was really active in the school. I didn't like that there were a lot of fights and two bomb threats the two years I was there.
I liked all of the activities the school had to offer because they're so many things to get involved in. It opens the door to make a lot of new friends.
The school is great! The teachers are amazing they help you with everything . They have alot of good classes and a like of tutoring and good food .
It's a great community. Almost all the teachers will say hello to students in the hallway even if they don't know them. They offer a ton of classes for all different paths that students would like to take. The school has a good set up and has a lot of sports offered also.
I like the diversity an how some teachers truly really cares about you an your education. I don’t like how the principals deal with certain situations an I feel like they don’t care.
Certain points were great, but overall it was just really bad. There was bias across all faculty, frames and setups on students, and strict guidelines. Not one single students can walk around in that school without feeling scared by their fellow peers and teachers and staff, as well.
The faculty at PMWHS are very knowledgeable in their respective subjects and attentive to the students; they are concerned about the students academically and socially. As for my child, he felt like he belonged there and most students are thoughtful and compassionate towards their fellow classmates.
This was an amazing school were I made a lot of fond memories and what prepared me for the real world.
Loved all my teachers! I participated in many clubs & sports; swimming, leo club, softball, & tennis. I just wished my counselor was more of help to transition into college.
The school spirit at this school is unbeatable. The after school activities are diverse and challenging to students with all types of intrests. The teacher care about their students beyond school hours and want us to succeed.
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I currently attend this school as a senior, and I love it here. The staff members are great, the culture is excellent, and the opportunities for fun are endless! However the two areas that need improving are the lunch and disciplining of misbehaved students.
This school is.. what you make of it. The general population could tend to be snotty, "ghetto," or doesn't seem to try hard in general. However, if you actually put effort into your time here, you will fins some good teachers, peers, and ways to add good experiences into your education. If you're looking to go to college you really need to prepare yourself since this place doesn't tend to tell you much about it. I highly recommend getting involved, such as by joining student council if you want to improve life at your school, or any sports or clubs you may have interest in! So, overall, this place is about average, but I did enjoy my time here since I found some very good friends and teachers here.
LOVE my experience, sad to go, but excited to start my new college adventure. There are so many options of being involved! Whether it's academic, sports, the arts, promoting school spirit, clubs; there really is something for everyone! My parents were involved in many aspects, but wish more were supportive of the school and their child's participation in extracurricular activities.
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