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Pocono Mountain East High School Reviews

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Culturally Diverse, fun fact this school is actually the governments example of a perfect culturally diverse school and they do surveys and long term observational learning off of it. The lunch is not very good but it has a friendly environment from students and staff. This school has a lot of Ap and Honors courses and technology courses a student can take. The teachers actually seem like they enjoy their jobs and do a variety of hands on and hands off learning activists that help a student learn. This school also includes a lot of clubs and sports that students are always incouraged to watch and join. PME has a very good chess team and a very good marching band program it is highly recommended. They have both made it to nationals along with Oddessy of the Mind.
Pocono Moutain East was a good high school. You meet a lot of different people and the staff was really kind. It was big on safety. Wish there was a more verity with classes and less stricked, but overall wasn't terrible.
I believe that while PME does very well academically, we lack student involvement because we don't feel compelled to at all. School spirit is pretty low for most students, and we don't feel rewarded enough. Most teachers are extremely helpful and supportive, as are most of the guidance counselors.
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I've had an extremely positive experience throughout my HS career. I've been fortunate to work with the kindest, patient and encouraging teachers and administrators that support me in all my goals. Our school environment is changing for the positive. The district's PRIDE initiative has really taken off and makes students strive to work together and fosters a wonderful community. Our school’s clubs are very good and offer something for every student if they choose to be involved. We have a beautiful well maintained campus and security is present at all times. I know they’re looking to increase security on the grounds and inside the schools by installing metal detectors and hiring officers to work inside the schools. The students have mixed reviews about those plans, but understand that they’re putting them place to ensure our safety.
I like a lot of the teachers, though some things are lacking. We have a lot of areas where the district as a whole can improve.
Pocono Mountain East High School has gone through dramatic changes since I started as a freshman. We went through 3 general administrative changes (3 principles) and this year introduced armed officers on campus. It is refreshing knowing PME puts safety first. We are constantly updating lock down and frie drills to improve every time, as well as allowing students to become close to the Student Resource Officer. It is important for us to be close to our SRO so we can go to him if there is any major problem occurring. However, there is an extreme lack of school spirit. Our school has culture, just not spirit. Typically the two go hand in hand, but with a losing football team and football being huge in our area, that is nearly impossible. I want to see a school people are proud to go to and look forward to being at.
I was a homeschooler in the school district and my experience was wonderful. They're very easy to work with. I feel they recognize the importance of home education.
This school has good course work. Depending on the teacher, they mostly help you out and have an open door to talk to but there are about 1/3 of the teachers don't care about you or want to see you succeed, they just want to succeed. Getting involved in activities, sports, club, and stuff will make the year or years better and more memorable.
I like how the teachers work well with the students. If one needs more help, they will offer them after school tutoring to catch them up on information they’re confused about.
My experience attending Pocono Mountain East has been great ! When I first arrived as a freshman the school was on a uprise and has grown so much through my 4 years. The Student environment is quickly coming together and the sports programs have grown tremendously.School is school there will always be work and rules to follow bug education is the best part of east teachers have worked in making sure students are on the right path. I don’t have much negative to say.
Pocono Mountain East High School is just like any regular high school you see. It’s modern, has diversity, and is very spirited. They have what they like to call the “PRIDE Matrix,” where each letter in PRIDE stands for a certain word: P- Prepared, R- Respectful, I- Involved, D- Dependable, and E- Empathetic. Our staff has gotten strict with the PRIDE Matrix, and it makes our school a better place to feel safe, learn, and make friends. They don’t make it feel like you’re competing against one another for the top spot as Valedictorian or to be the best player on the chess team. They make it fun to learn as well as stepping every student to the path that best suits them for their future.
The school offered a lot of resources to the students and the athletics were good
The teachers most of them were really helpful and encouraging
This school is the precedent of what a school should not be. School officials only care if your breaking dress code or if you are on your phone. The seniors can get away with anything because it’s their last year of high school. Many of the lunches are too overcrowded which causes some students not being able to eat lunch. Also certain teachers truly do not care about the students and will treat them like absolute garbage, and when a student files a complaint to the principal nothing is done about the teachers behavior. In addition, the schools students are terribly abnoxious and rude. Also the school spends more money on sports than they do on fixing necessities. Most of the schools sports teams are awful. All in all, Pocono Mountain East encouraged me to move schools going into junior year of high school because I honestly don’t know how much longer I could have taken it there. I have never seen some many kids hate their school.
Great teachers at PME! Courses are challenging but teachers are fair. Could use more options for electives, in particular computer science and programming options. But the electives they do have give a reasonable opportunity for students to try different fields to assist in choosing a major in college.
I felt like my experience was poor because they didn't help with my necessities and now that im graduating on June 15 i have no clue on how to complete my college requirement to start in September for example the school said we will help you as a student find the scholarships but instead i stood for months asking to go see a available administrator but they weren't available so as a student at pocono mountain East high school i say don't send your children to the pocono mountain school district because they will leave clueless and they wouldn't know how to go on their own.
Povono mountain east high school has an overall good education system and environment. Students will be prepared to enter the college scene after they graduate their senior year.
Pocono Mountain East High School students do a good job of getting students involved in many different clubs and activities.
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The courses offered here come from far and wide. There is a course and path for everyone to take and succeed in. Negatives include longer than average school days and the standardized dress code
Pocono Mountain East High school is an average high school. The facilities are average, but there is constantly issues with the heat, air conditioning, and even the water.
Pocono Mountain East High School is a great high school that offers a wide variety of clases, after-school activities, and school events.
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