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My experience so fqr at pocomoke high school is good. The teachers are graat at getting students ready for quizzes and test. The Staff are always there in need of help whatever you are need help of. The School is very nice looking and the staff does a good job of keeping it nice for the students.
Pocomoke High School is great for those who are on a winning sports team. For example those on the field hockey team won the state championships 2 years ago are treated like royalty, while those on let’s say the tennis team are not. Another thing about PHS is that while in many other schools if you curse at a teacher you’re suspended, but at Pocomoke you just get a short “talking to”, and are pretty much let off the hook.
The teachers at this school are very welcoming and supporting. If you are struggling they are always there to lend a helping hand. It is easy to make friends here.
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The environment is very inviting and the admin is great. Annette Wallace, the principal, will do anything for the sake and safety of her students.
Being apart of Pocomoke High School has been an amazing experience. We are all like one big family, and I know that I can go to any teacher at any time for help with anything. I believe that Pocomoke has some of the best teachers around here and I am glad to be apart of such a great school. Every student to should have the opportunities that we students at Pocomoke have.
What I like about Pocomoke is how clean the school is due to the staff and Facilities. Also I would like to see a change in how the school doesn't do certain sports year round. Pocomoke high school is a very fun place to be at and you can make new friends everyday and more freedom in hanging with friends and getting to do what you want to do.
I love the education system that Pocomoke high school has. It is a good environment to learn in. However, if there were one thing I could change about Pocomoke high school, it would be the way the administration is set up. It seems that many students get sent to ISS or OSS for very simple reasons. Yes, a consequence is needed but instead of big punishments for minor behavior problems, I believe minor behavior problems should only result in a detention verses a bigger action such as ISS or OSS.
Pocomoke High is an excellent school, i'd most defiantly recommend it. i have made so many new friends and the teachers are fantastic. I know that i will miss this school when i graduate
They take very good care of you no matter what . And try to help you excell in everything that we do here .
Pocomoke High School is a wonderful place. I am enrolled in the AP Program at this school and have been provided with many opportunities. In my three years that i have been at PHS, I have gone to Europe, been invited to be a member of United Way, excelled in the Band program, and have done much more. I could not have asked for a better principal, Dr. Annette Wallace, or a better staff.
Pocomoke high school as a school that supports any decision that you make as long as your on the right path. I am currently an Honor roll student. Pocomoke high school has many events that ill help their students with different experiences that will help you later on in the future and help others as well.
Pocomoke High School is an excellent school inside of a great community. All of the staff members are kind and prepared to help with any situation.
The teachers were positively amazing, no matter what the other students might try to say. If you respected them and worked hard, they would respect you too. I feel like I've been learning a lot of important things, not least of all here in my senior year (see: Mr. McQuaid and his endless knowledge on what's coming in life). Overall? Pocomoke High is an amazing place, and I feel incredibly good having learned here.
Pocomoke High School is quite privileged to have all that we do. We have an amazing staff including the administration, teachers, guidance counselors (including the good ole' golden retriever -Rudy), and janitors. Every student here is involved in something in the school because everyone is always open and excepting to each other. It has been an honor being in this school system for 14 years of my life. I am truly going to miss almost everything about it and I am sure I will be coming back as a Warrior Alumni to keep watching this school excel in all it does together as a school, as a family, as a warrior!
There was nothing to like about my experience at this school. The education was worth nothing, the teachers are not concerned with the material that you learn, rather they just want you to learn 'something' so that they can keep their job. What you learn is mostly useless unless you are going to pursue a college education in some worthless major (i.e. non-stem). Otherwise, you are best to drop out and pursue a trade. The principal is a bureaucratic mess who constantly makes excuses for the high amount of black violence that occurs under her watch, black violence that is particularly harmful to the education of the generally marginalized white students. Yet, the principal constantly fawns over 'muh diversity and programs'. Please don't go to this school if you are white -- you will be assaulted by 'cultured youth', beaten over the head with liberal propaganda, and have your concerns ignored unless you are a prized (aka minority) student.
Pocomoke High School is a very nice school. Even though many teenagers dread school, Pocomoke High is a place where you just want to be. There are many clubs and extracurricular activities to be involved in. Pocomoke's athletics are a big part of the school, aside from academics. Many people of the town are involved in the sports here. That includes Alumni, future high school students, current students, teachers, administration, and even people who have never attended a school in Pocomoke. Overall, Pocomoke High School is a very great school with even better teachers and academics.
The school provides more opportunities than are nessassary to ensure everyone finds their place in this school.
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Our principal, Mrs. Annette Wallace, is the very best a school could ever ask for. She pushes us to do things that we may think are not possible, but in the end we always thank her for believing in us and supporting what we can do. If I had to retake high school i would most definetely pick Pocomoke High School as my top choice. It is overall a very wonderful school.
The teachers at Pocomoke High School are involved with the students educationally more than believable. They have the knowledge and wisdom to not only teach their subjects but to live vicariously through the students work as if they themselves were back in high school. Pocomoke teachers are supportive no matter what subject they would do their very best to make sure that we succeed. I appreciate all of my teachers for the support system they have built to make sure that the students of PHS are well taught and well known.
Its a good school to attend.
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