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The teacher are wonderful and really care, but with low such low funding there are a lot of opportunities students miss out on.
The teachers were there to help and made sure I accomplished my goals. And I got in the Upward Bound program and got to attend the Carl Albert KTC program as well.
My experience at Pocola High School has had its up and downs, but overall it was a a great experience. The thing that I enjoyed the most was how open, nice, and extremely friendly everyone is. Every time we get a new student I always ask them, "How do you like it so far?" They respond with "It is going great everyone is so nice." The faculty is extremely helpful as well. They try their very best to help any students who is in need of help or does not understand the lesson we just went over. If they see that you at least try and make an attempt to learn they will not fail you. If there is anything I could change about my experience would probably just be the lunch food. The past 3 years the lunch food has been absolutely horrible.
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I feel like this is a great school for students looking for no trouble and great people. The teachers are kind, understanding, and very helpful, the other staff as well. Along with the other students are great peers.
I am currently a junior at Pocola High School, I have been attending there since Pre-K. My experiences are pretty okay (besides all of the fights) if you ask me. Sure Pocola is small but it is also loving and caring to everyone at Pocola we are just like a huge family reunion everyday we are usually happy to see most kids at the school. I mostly like how we have gotten different lunches that are a lot more nutritious for us instead kf food that just made kids starve themselve until they returned home. Before I graduate I would luke to see the school get completely remodeled in order to support all of the kids we have now and it would also help widen a variety of classes that we could take, and it would also help people that need jobs too.
The parents at this school never care.
Other than the core subjects, there are few courses you can take. The ones we have are boring and don't challenge me. None of the classes allow me to express myself and use my mind.
We do not even have a permanent school nurse. The entire school district shares one nurse and she is rarely at the high school.
There are very few extra-curricular activities outside of sports. The five we have all do very little and the teachers are forced to sponsor them. Our school has no after-school activities whatsoever. Myself and 3 other classmates tried to starts an after-school tutoring program, but couldn't get a teacher to sponsor it.
I have made great memories at Pocola High School, but I wish I would've had the chance to go to a better school. The administration in our school frowns upon student involvement. We are only allowed one pep rally a year, our assemblies are a disgrace and forced. Walking down the halls is depressing. The lockers are gross and there is no decoration anywhere. So much focus is out into sports when our teams are not even good. Our chemistry class can't even do experiments because we lack the supplies to do so. It hurts me to say such bad things about my high school, but it's the truth. Any effort of changing things is shot down and students and teachers simply don't care. The only good thing about my high school are the few teachers that made an effort, but were ran off by the administration.
There are few teachers that go the extra mile at my school. Throughout the years, we have had close to 15 teachers leave. They are being replaced by inexperienced teachers who don't know how to adequately manage a class and aren't good at teaching. The teachers are forced to sponsor student organizations and do not care. I am the student council president and am not allowed to do anything to make my school better due to the sponsor, and the principal who denies everything. Pocola Hugh School used to be a great school, but after the old teachers left, it's taken a turn for the worse.
It's not a thorough school. I don't feel it prepared me for college like most schools prepare their students.
I could never imagine myself being anywhere else.
The food at Pocola High school is awful. We eat after the middle school. Therefor the food is already cold and mushy. We have no verity. and you don't get enough food. and it is also all frozen food.
Our equipment is out dated but it works!
Our students are not allowed to wear yoga pants, shorts, baggy pants, V-necks, or die their hair.
We have regular drills such as fire, tornado, IOC, and all of the threats. I feel very safe here and know our teachers would do anything to protect their students. Every threat is taken very seriously.
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I love all of my teachers at Pocola High School. They are always willing to help any student with any problem they have, in school or out of school. I have been attending the school system my entire life and I believe I was raised very well. One of my favorite teachers is my Senior English teacher. She does everything she can to incorporate technology into our daily work. I would give our entire faculty an A+.
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