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Pocatello High School has a diverse student body and a good group of teachers. The counselors are helpful and understanding. The school traditions and spirit make it feel like home. Our sports teams have varied success. The school itself has beautiful architecture and rich history.
Pocatello High School is a beautiful historic building located in Old Town Pocatello. The students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and collectively have a unique school spirit. From my experience, all of the teachers work very hard to help their students be as successful as possible upon graduation. I was very prepared for my first year of college from the education I received from Pocatello High School. I also participated in sports at PHS, and had a great experience with my coaches and teammates.
There are all walks of life at Pocatello High School, no one feels alone. The school spirit is real, and No matter how many years ago you graduated, it remains just as fierce
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I've been to two high schools. The first was Kuna High School in Idaho. Kuna had terrible schedules, didn't prepare me for college, and academic and artist clubs were not taken seriously. At Poky, I have a sense of propose and the academic clubs are taken seriously. The clubs are paid well and are all allowed to be independent.
Poky (Pocatello High School) is an awesome school. The environment is friendly and the teachers are exceptional. Every teacher I have had so far have been wonderful and outgoing. Not only that, but the students themselves are wonderful, as long as you try. There is a variety of classes...along with many different clubs.
I'm currently in my Freshman year with four more days left of school, and over the course of this school year, I attended three different high schools. Out of the three, Pocatello High School has been the best! The teachers truly care about all of their students and their academics. The other students are friendly, and the school offers so many different extracurricular activities for everyone! I've had a great and supportive group of friends and my teachers have helped me tremendously with my grades. It's really an amazing school!
Pocatello High School excepts ALL types of students. Kids are very excepting of other kids. It doesn't matter what ethnic, social, or religious group. You are excepted for who you are. My four years at Poky has been a high light of my life. Thank you PHS for making high school a great experience!
I have been at Poky almost my entire high school career and I wouldn't change a thing. Everyone is super nice all of the teachers are super dedicated to making sure that we succeed.
At Pocatello High school, the teachers truly care. No matter what you are going through in your personal life, the teachers will reach out and make sure you are doing okay. They are very generous with the help they give. I have never had a teacher be rude to me, and if I am having a rough/bad day, they always step out of their way to make sure everything is going well. The counselors are amazing and do everything they can do to make sure students and staff are doing well and have the help they need.
Pocatello High School is a very diverse, accepting place. The teachers are kind, intelligent, and helpful. The students, no matter their background, all have a chance to learn and grow into wonderful young people. The environment is welcoming, with people around every corner willing to help. The campus buildings are stunning, dating back to 1892. There is an abundance of rich tradition embedded in Poky, and it is present everywhere throughout the community.
Pocatello high School is a great school. The kids there are very excepting of one another. The teachers and staff are very welcoming and supportive.
The teachers at this school are absolutely incredible! You can tell they care deeply about not only the education, but also the happiness of their students. Many teachers at Poky High are always completely open to suggestions or improvements that can be made to assignments, or the class in general. Another aspect that is loved at this school is the staff's effort to get more students involved in extracurricular activities. All in all, this is an exemplary learning environment and few students regret their decision of attending Poky.
The teachers are amazing, the classes are worth the time and effort, and the counselors are always very nice and willing to help! The food isn't that great, but if you have the money you can go eat at restaurants near the school instead, so you don't have to eat the school food. There is a wonderful diversity among the students, and it's really easy to make good friends. After having been to three other High schools, I believe Pocatello High School to be the best of them all!
Pocatello High school has been an overall good experience. I've been able to take multiple college credit classes to get me ready for my first years at a university.
I enjoy the staff and my peers, along with the environment and gorgeous building. The teachers do a great job and what they do, and students really feel involved and as though they are learning. Poky High is really diverse, and prides itself in being extremely accepting of everyone.
Everyone is friendly. Extra curricular activities are a good way too meet new people. Poky pride never dies.
I absolutely love the atmosphere of the school and I couldn't have expected better teachers. My biggest gripe with the school is that a lot of the arts programs get under recognized for what they do.
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The best school that anyone could go to! My life will continue on, and I will be successful because of what I learned there. Everyone is there to help you succeed in life. Also, there is something fun going on almost every single day.
I came to Pocatello High school from Century, and I prefer this school so much more. It is a lot less clique-y, so it is a lot easier to make friends. The teachers don't overload you with work, either. My grades have gone up a lot since coming here. I love the old architecture and history of the buildings, as well.
Students are quite inclusive to everyone. Many clubs with some discrepancies concerning administration in this area. Very helpful and dedicated science department, as well as English department.
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