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I enjoyed the people that I went to school with. Everybody has a lot of school spirit and that makes everything a lot more fun. Football game jungles were especially fun when everyone would dress up and get into it. My overall experience has been wonderful and I do not wish I could have gone somewhere else at all. If I had to change one thing, it would probably have to be the lunch campus policy. Pocahontas High School has a closed-campus lunch and I believe I would have enjoyed an open-campus lunch more.
I moved to Pocahontas High School my sophomore year, every since I moved here I have loved it . One of the things I love the most would have to be how the teachers actually help you on your work and do think that your education is a joke. As a senior now I have realized Pocahontas is one of the best schools I have been to and they take you going to college serious, they try and guide us down the path to a better education, yes some may not end up going but that is their choice. I honestly do not think I would change anything about Pocahontas High School because it is a great school with staff that care about our future
It seems to me that none of the teachers really care about furthering the intellect of my fellow students. I say this due to the fact that they just lecture and hand out homework. I would like this to change as soon as possible.
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Overall this is a very nice school. Everyone supports one another and the majority of the teachers strive to help every student in any way possible.
Parents very involved in extra-curricular activities.
Some of the teachers are very intelligent.
There's a broad field if academics offered. The teachers make the academics flow real well.
The sports are everything at this school. I believe that the coaches cater to the athletes. However this happens at every school.
The teachers go out of their way to help the students. Most of the teachers do this. This school is just like any other schools. There are bad apples which come with the bad.
These policies are just as general as any other school. the high school nurse is outstanding. She is friends to everybody who need her and she teaches a daily class.
This is a decent school. Sports is everything at this school, and the students are picked and played to their ability. The coaches pick their favorites. There are teachers who go over their limit to teach the students. Most teachers care and help their students. In reality, this school is nothing different than any other school. This is a high rated school.
Most of the teachers at the school are very concerned about their students, however some of the teachers who are coaches as well do not care about the students as much as they do their sports. Football was heavily worshipped in my school and in was what the school revolved around.
Pocahontas has a policeman on campus all day, the nurse is always there and there are cameras in every building
I would say Pocahontas has the best support in the state of Arkansas no matter what the extracurricular activity is
I loved the school spirit at Pocahontas High, being an athlete and the support the students showed was amazing and I loved every minute of it!
I loved the teachers at my high school, they cared about the kids and how well they did. Some of my best relationships where with my teachers.
I wouldn't choose this school because some of the teachers don't take teaching seriously. The teachers and staff group the kids with who they hang out with.
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I love how I can talk to any of my proffessors at almost any time. Most of them even give out their personal cell phone numbers.
i like this school because it gives me so many good opportunities but the bullying policy and many others aren't taken seriously. other than that, all classes, are good. my favorite experience was getting a B in an AP class!
Overall it is an average school with a little more emphasis on some academic topics rather than others. I would possibly choose this school again because I liked the teachers but I could possible have had a better time at a different school.
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