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Pocahontas County High School Reviews

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I adore the familial and community environment this high school provides. I am a recent graduate and I was a part of the band. Although some classes feel useless, the arts programs are worth taking and deserve more financial help than they receive. I'll never forget my experiences at PCHS, and I hope the school system will continue to improve.
Always being supported here at PCHS. Math department is outstanding. Basketball teams are great. Track team broke 7 school records last year. Teachers are great and the principal is fun and easy to talk to. Over all great school!
I think that Pocahontas County School is a really good school. But when it comes to the scheduling time it gets very chaotic but other then that things are good. The class are well spread out so if you need to take something like a math or science then the teacher will help work you need to the class. I think the teacher are really helpful and they care for the students and other people. I will be graduating from Pocahontas County High School May 2017 and I will truly miss it because the last four years have been the best time of my life. The teachers have prepared me for the real-world and I`m thankful for the teachers that have helped me. And they help you with fafsa and college applications. Its been a great four years.
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I like the staff, but I do not like the facility. We are in desperate need of new schools and money. I learned what I needed too, but others drop out freshman year. We need help.
My experience at Pocahontas County High School was very positive and productive. I felt safe, supported and always happy when I was sitting in the classroom desks. I gained alot of education from the teachers who were instructing me and the administration was always there to help. I felt that my high school is one of the most devoted and "homey" schools in the state of West Virginia. I am graduating from this school in May, 2017 and I feel very prepared to go out into the "real world" and start collge and my life.
After-school activities mostly involve sports but sometimes include things like band and event decorating committees. We live in a rural community so FFA is very popular for kids who are interested in farming and agriculture.
The school was small and everyone knew each other. We were like one big family. My favorite experiences were those that I had with the band because it was small and welcoming as well.
I came from a small school, so the teachers seemed to know the students personally, which made them care even more about the students and their well-being. I developed close professional relationships with my teachers and they went above and beyond to help students who were behind or failing. I didn't have a teacher that I didn't get along with.
A good education for all students is top priority at my school. Teachers are very friendly and are always willing to help a student with any problems they may have. The staff at my school want every student to feel safe and comfortable. I really enjoy when I have a teacher who makes a class really fun and makes the material easier to understand. Teachers never seem to fall behind on grading and I always get my worked returned after it's been graded to see how I can better improve my work.
There is a wide range of academics offered at my high school. Although the scheduling process is pretty chaotic, the teachers are very friendly and do their best to help if there is a conflict with a student's schedule. Students at my school are required to take classes based on their pathway, professional or skilled. Both pathways require certain classes to be taken in order to graduate. Besides basic academics there are also classes offered such as welding, culinary, art, agriculture and business classes. The amount homework and other assignments vary upon the classes a student decides to take. Basic classes such as math and science will normally require homework on a daily bases. Tutoring is offered every week in case a student does not understand the material being taught or because a student may have been absent and needs to catch up on assignments.
The office staff, counselor, and principals all make sure that all students are able to learn in an environment in which we feel safe. Bullying is not acceptable in my school, if one is reported for bullying then the consequences vary depending upon the action of the bully. Attendance is very strict policy at my school. A student may not be tardy more than 3 times for a class or they will receive detention. One must not miss more than 5 days of school per semester, unless the absences are excused for good reasoning. Each day, every student's clothing is evaluated by their 1st and 2nd block teachers who look for any student violating any of the dress code policies. Students should dress appropriately in order not to cause any disturbance to the learning environment. I attend a school that always has student's education as a top priority, therefore I consider my school to be a great school.
There's a gym class, and availability to the weight lifting room, but it is not a big deal.
There is a fair amount of extracurricular activities for student to get involved with.
This year, we started out with a brand new administration, and so far, they have been excellent and helpful anyway they can. Our dress code is reasonable and bully can sometimes be an issue, but it is usually resolved. Attendance is a BIG thing that is cared about at this school by the attendance director and the staff here.
Of course the cafeteria staff has to go by the required guidelines, but shouldn't we the students be allowed to have some options? Most of our food is okay, but it just doesn't have much of a taste. Our food is obviously healthier than what most kids go home and eat after school, but if we want students to be healthier, shouldn't the guidelines have a little lee-way so when students do get home they don't eat four twinkies, and a bag of potato chips.
school nurse serves five school and is there once a week.
There are very few kids that are of a different race other than white and we have a total of two gay student. The blacks were not picked on but the gays are extremely bullied.
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I didn't get the chance to prepare or was offered any advice to prepare for college.
The students don't care they do what they want weather its against the rules or even illegal.
Most sports teams do fairly well.
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