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Pocahontas Area Middle School / High School Reviews

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My experience at Pocahontas Area High School was outstanding. My education was important to me and the teachers and staff all made that possible for me to learn comfortably.
While Pocahontas is very advanced in regards to technology, it struggles in terms of student respect and equality. Some teachers leave as soon as possible, one of which is nearly hostile towards students at times. Sports, while lacking in recent years, have been very good in the past. The arts are not well respected, and Pocahontas Area does not have a musical.

Pocahontas Area does, however, have one of the best mock trial programs in the entire state, having the second most number of state championships in the state (falling just behind Robins/Xavier). This program is a small home, and makes students feel very welcome.
What I liked most about my time at Pocahontas was all of the extracurricular activities that I was able to be a part of. I also like the teachers and variety of classes offered. Being in a small school also made it easy to get to know everyone. It would be nice to see an improvement in overall communication from administration on down.
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I really like the "home" feel that you get from being here, the environment is very friendly, I feel like anyone could really find a place to fit in here. The teachers are some of the best teachers anyone could ask for, they are always there for students.
I overall have loved my school. It feels like home here because of the small class sizes with about 20 people in each class. The teachers are great at their job and are very nice to the students and encourage them. Our music program is wonderful. Our extracurricular activities are run very well and we have accomplished a lot in our sports. My school makes sure students are successful and truly cares about each and every student. I love the school that I have attended throughout high school.
The teachers try their best to work around the students schedules with very few occurrences where they couldn't do so. The counselor takes us step by step on scheduling for classes, as a class and we get to choose our schedule with keeping in mind the required classes we need done.
There are a bunch of extracurricular activities offered at Pocahontas. The commitment for these clubs depends on the student's dedication level. The teachers/coaches are passionate about the programs offered and put a lot of time and effort into them.
I have gone to this school my whole life. I started in preschool in this school district and this May I will be graduating, since I am currently a senior. I have had plenty of opportunities given to me at this school, especially in high school. I have had enjoyed a handful of my classes like Creative Writing or Comprehensive Art, even Pre-Calculus. This school is a pretty small school since I live in a small town but that makes it more personal. I have had known 90% of my classmates ever since I started going here and that makes it enjoyable because not only have I grown up since then, I've seen them do the same. I would chose this school again because I know what there is to offer.
The teachers all have different teaching styles that they bring to the table. They all are willing to help a student as long as the student approaches them and tells them that they need help. They all state how the class will be laid out in their syllabus like they are supposed to do.
Our sports generally get a lot of support from the school, students, and the community. The shop gets a lot of orders from different people/organizations throughout the year. The music programs get support mostly from the music boosters. Other activities like mock trial tend to generate their own funding through fundraisers when necessary.
Poky has a few activities that aren't sports, but if you think that students would like a certain club or extracurricular then the principle and superintendent are usually willing to talk about it and try to get something started.
The majority of teachers are really friendly and easy to talk to. They will almost always help you if you are struggling unless you don't ask. Most of the teachers I have had do more than just teach. Some are coaches, in charge of the school store, or the supervisor for a club so they are generally busy.
Feel more emphasis given to sports than to the arts!!
Feel there is disparity between some teachers that go out of their way to help when others simply let kids flounder. Very difficult to know what kids are suppose to be doing homework-wise and hard for parents to be current on grades. Teachers inconsistent with posting of this info.
In general, I think the kids are safe and secure at this facility.
Came from private church school. Miss the indiviudal attention/importance given to character, responsiblity and academic excellence given by faculty on students.
The safety at our school is good. We have locked door systems and cameras. Visitors also have to sign in before entering
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There are many different clubs and sports, like dance, football, cheer leading, basketball.
I have had a lot of fun at this school because it is a smaller school so I know everyone in my class and the kids are pretty friendly.
The teachers are willing to help the students if asked a question or for help.
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