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I spent all 4 years of my high school years at Poca High School. The teachers I had were all "ok" until I started my college classes, at which time, they seemed to improve a little. I also feel that the administration is SOLELY about the teachers and not the students... not ALL admin., but the majority of them. I would rate my experience at Poca High School a 6 out of 10. There are a LOT of teachers who just give "busy" work as opposed to actually teaching.
I love the staff at Poca High and the level of involvement they bring to their classes. I’ve had a pretty amazing experience there, but the only thing I would change about this school is the maintenance (or lack thereof) of the school and it’s grounds. There are a lot of things that need fixed, upgraded, or just generally cleaned. I think students will show more pride for our school if it really looked like something to be proud of.
I enjoyed my 4 years at Poca. The teachers are great and the rest of the faculty are very helpful. I participated in a variety of after school organizations including marching band, show choir band as well as others. I also ran track all four years. They prepared me to enter my college years very well. I was encouraged on a daily basis to do my best.
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I liked that our teachers, while very understanding with outside circumstances, push us to be our best selves. I have reached potentials here that I didn't think I could. Not only that, but they have also aided in readying us for the real world, by teaching us skills such as responsibility, organization, respectfulness/politeness, and how to pay bills or fill out checks. The only thing I would like to see change is how they handle bullying and small problems within the school.
I love the community of Poca. The teachers care about your education and everyone fits it. We are one big family. Our school always supports one another and it’s just a great high school experience.
I transferred from a private school so I was very scared of what to expect in a public school setting. I was surprised that I was accepted so easily by everyone. I have met people that I can't imagine my life without now. I did get bullied at a point but it was taken care of. I have had a new principle every year. I am happy with the one that we have now and I hope that Poca High School will be known as one of the best schools one day. Once A Dot Always A Dot!
Poca is a very friendly school! Every student is well known and i have enjoyed my 4 years here! I know everyone who walks in the front door! I have learned a lot here at Poca High School. I am glad i spent my four years here at this lovely small school and matured so much in four years
I enjoy all the sports that we have at Poca High School. We truly are one family and when one of us is down we all come together to build them up. I could not think of a better community to be apart of. The teachers always are there for you and want to make sure you have everything to help you succeed.
Poca is a very tight knit community because of how small our area is. As a school, we work together and take pride in all of our success no matter how small. I have made life long friends at PHS through not only the students, but also the staff. We all strive to help one another succeed, which just brings us closer together. I couldn't ask for a better school.
Poca High School is a wonderful school! The staff is extremely supportive in everything the students do, whether it is academic or extracurricular. The students are one big family, and when support is needed, they all come together to help out!
I've spent almost 2 years at Poca High School now and I can say with certainty that the Poca Dots are a family and a community to be proud of. The teachers work hard to make sure that we move forward in life to do the things we want to.
Poca High School created a fun environment for learning. The teachers and students were all like family and I am so blessed to come from such a little town.
I love my school so much. Poca is known to be considered as family. All of us are so close, and almost everyone knows everyone. Not only are we close, but the opportunities here are endless. If Poca High School does not offer a class we desire to take, the administration will work out a plan to give us the opportunity to take the class. We work together and don't tear each other down. We bring each other up and help others when in need. I hope one day my children will be students at Poca High School.
Poca High School has the potential to be a great place to learn, study, and grow. The tight knit community is fantastic, but as far as academics go, it could use some improvement. Being a former student, once I arrived to college, I did not feel prepared for my classes and lacked some necessary background knowledge to many of the intro classes I was in.
While there are some disadvantages, there is a fantastic sense of community and support. Teachers are very willing to help whenever you need it as long as you are motivated to seek their help. There is a very limited amount of academically motivated students, but those who are, achieve high success. My years at Poca were fun as well as educational, and I wouldn't change it for the world.
It's not the best school because no one is perfect. However, it is full of great people who are mostly nice and welcoming and very helpful.
The overall cleanliness is okay. The food isn't all that great because it's all processed and frozen.
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If you're disrespecting a teacher, then you'll most likely get sent to the office. In some rare cases will the teacher actually send you to the principal's office, and that is only when you are really getting on the teacher's nerves.
Student involvement just depends on the sport and how well the team is doing. For example, not too many people pay attention to the girls basketball team just because it's a girls team. They do however pay great attention to the boy's basketball team especially since they got second place at states last year.
It really just depends on who you get as a teacher. There are some teachers that I like a lot just because I am used to their teaching style.
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