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Plymouth-Whitemarsh Senior High School Reviews

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I attended Plymouth Whitemarsh High School during the school's most recent renovation. Though the school kinda looks like an airport now, it is really nice to have upgraded facilities for my class and future students. It's popular among students to claim they hate their school, but lots of my peers truly acknowledge that it's a privilege to go to a nationally ranked high school with teachers care about their education--whether it's obvious to those students or not. The school offers extensive AP and honors classes, as well as options for other college-bound and struggling students. PW offers tons of clubs and activities, students just need to seek them. Sure, my high school faced the same bureaucratic pressure almost all institutions face, but it was definitely the only place I'd want to attend.
Excellent facility involving all new desks, carpets, cafeteria, weight room and gym. Academics are great at this school and teachers and staff are nice. This school does a good job at preparing student's for college. The clubs and actives are good and there tends to be more clubs forming. Sports teams are really good, but coaching could be better. I feel as though coaches in certain sports tend to play favorites. I also think the school highly lacks in diversity, but is getting better over time.
PW has a lot of activities and ways to get involved! Any student can make a club that they are interested in, and so there are lots of options. PW also has some wonderful teachers and many options for classes. There are AP courses offered in many subjects! The principal - Dr. Bacani - is attentive and cares about the students. I had a great experience at PW and feel that the school offered many opportunities that prepared me for college.
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The teachers and counselors are most interested in helping you succeed. courses designed to prepare you for college do just that and they work with student schedules to keep students up to date on assignments and grades. When i began applying to college I was intimidated and didn't know where to start and working with my college counselor helped give me some direction and confidence in my application
I liked how i had the opportunity to explore and find myself and to take classes that i want to take that can help me prepare for my future and i liked the amount of opportunities the school has
The teachers and staff are all wonderful and caring professionals. There are many great classes and extra curriculars availible for all.
My experience at PWHS was pretty great. It's a lovely school with lots of great teachers and plenty of resources. It is currently in some of its final stages of renovations and the school has never looked better. As a con a few of the teachers are down right awful. They are just bad at teaching their subject and nothing gets done about it.
I like that PW offers many courses in a variety of different areas and subjects. There are many honors and AP courses that students can take to challenge themselves. One thing they could improve upon is guidance and scheduling these courses. Myself and many of my classmates have faced issues with scheduling and not being able to take all the classes we want to.
PW has also recently renovated so the school looks updated and new!
I've been in this school district since kindergarten and never have had a bad experience there. The teachers have always helped me to get my grades up. I've struggled time to time, on the verge of failing classes and somehow with the help of the teachers I have came up from anything and ended up passing in the end
PW pushes their students to do their best, but without consideration of their mental health. Teachers regularly assign multiple hours of homework, and each student has 5 classes. The school holds no pep rallies or other spirit events. In addition, the students have many cliques, and the school does nothing to promote inclusion. There are some teachers who should be fired for incompetence, yet the school allows them to continue to teach. Although the facilities are new, they are bland and have no color, so the school resembles a hospital. There needs to be more communication between the school, parents, and students; no one is ever truly aware of what is happening.
Plymouth Whitemarsh is just like a normal high school. There are good lessons taught by great teachers. The environment of the school is different wherever you are. In the science wing, it seems like a hospital; it's damp, grey, and creepily quiet. In the D wing, the newly renovated classrooms allow for a good balance of focusness and fun. There is a good variety of classes and activities, though students are very limited when it comes to time when passing between classes. PW's students are diverse in both nationalities and personalities. Most student at PW are caring and compassionate, but there are some that don't care about that stuff and only care about tearing people down. At PW, there is a large amount of students in honors classes, which makes it hard for those not in honors classes because they are looked down upon and are pressured to feel insecure about their academic status. Though most of PW is great, there is need for improvement.
For me, PW has been a great experience due to my friends, teachers, extracurriculars, school spirit and more. PW gives you so much opportunity to succeed and grow as a student and a person. There are more electives, clubs, and sports than anyone would know what to do with and if you cannot find something you like, you can easily start a club yourself. I have become very close with some of the teachers that I feel I can go to them with any issues or any great news because I know they care about all of their students. During my time at PW they have been doing construction to revamp the entire school, which at times was difficult and annoying, but they are nearly finished now and the school looks amazing. I am so proud to be a PW student, and soon-to-be alumni, as I know so many others are at my school.
PWHS was great for me academically. They gave lots of opportunities for students to challenge themselves with tough classes. The only problem with this was the fact that AP classes combined with block scheduling left very few credits for electives.
I like the academic environment, but discipline must be improved. Students can get away with whatever they want. Also, some teachers are downright terrible; however, there are some excellent ones.
teachers are very nice and knowledgeable, wide variety of classes and clubs offered. Music program is not really funded, but sports teams are. Not very fair
Overall, I'd say I enjoy my experience at PW. The school is definitely safe in my opinion. It's a very clean facility, and the new renovations only help with that. The staff is, for the most part, excellent. In my experience, the teachers who fall just short of excellence tend to lack in scheduling and time management of their syllabus. That being said, there all of the staff at PW could be considered St least "Very Good" by Niche standards. The school offers college counseling and regular college visits for upperclassmen. There is a fair amount of diversity, as well as a myriad of clubs to recognize and celebrate differences in PW culture (including a Gay Straight Alliance and several cultural awareness clubs). All in all, I like PW
I think that Plymouth Whitemarsh High School has given me a great experience as my fourth year is half way through. I have grown a lot as a person and found my passion in life through my courses
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PW is an all around balanced school with a lot to offer. From sports to clubs, musical theater to new facilities, it really is a good school.
The two + years I spent there were among the most challenging, academically, I've ever known. I wouldn't have traded that high school for any other because anywhere else I would have been putting in an additional year.
The school education wise is phenomenal and I believe one of the highest levels of education you can get from high school. The downside is that during my time there we went through renovation and their thinking process wasn't the best for how we had to get to class and the disruption from classes. Also, the music department doesn't get as much as it should for my opinion. The directors work really hard, but we don't match up to the amount of money that our sports teams do which I think is very unfair.
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