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The majority of teachers there are very friendly, passionate about what they do, and care for their students deeply. I look forward most days to going to school because it is both a great place to socialize and a quality school to receive an education.
Grad of 2015 before new school. Terrible facilities. I wished that there had been more offered as well as different types of clubs.
Plymouth South High School was a great experience for me. All of the people here are so welcoming and embracing. The teachers care about your education and want to see you improve. The academics are strong as they challenge you and force you to learn and comprehend what you are learning. The clubs and activities are good, however I wish that we had more as there is a limited amount. The school culture overall is embracing, but many students chose not to show school spirit and our school does not participate in many common high school activities; such as powder puff which we had to convince the school board to allow us to start. The sports are good, however boys sports seem to be a priority as they get more funding. But overall the athletics program is strong.
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I liked the staff at Plymouth South High School. I bonded very well with many of the teachers and decided to take multiple classes that they taught. I attended Plymouth South until I graduated in 2017 so I was the last class out of the old school before they tore it down. Physically the school itself was falling apart but the spirits of the staff held it together in its final years.
I went from an old, run down school my first two years of high school to a brand new, big and beautiful building for my final two years of high school. I believe most of the staff that work at my school are very good and qualified. I have had many positive experiences with them.
I had a good time in high school. Definitely some teachers made there marks more than others, but overall, the teachers there cared and seemed to be dedicated to there job.
Plymouth south is full of underclassmen who vape in the bathrooms and stand in the middle of the hallway. The education is not great- it’s very easy to pass a class. Many teachers are very lax and don’t seem to care but there are a few hardos.
It was a great place full of some of the best educators I have ever met from all sorts of backgrounds, ready to help any student who may need it. Plymouth South High has opened up doors for me that I may not have been exposed to attending somewhere else. It is a school who loves their students and all of the positive things they have to offer as well.
I love Plymouth South. I have never been enrolled in a school with kids as nice and generous as those who study here. I transferred in as a senior and expected the worst, but I was happily surprised with the best!
i love this school, it’s like my second home. I came here new to south in freshman year and instantly i felt a sense of home and togetherness. I will be so sad to leave in may.
Plymouth South High School is education as it should be. Each of the teachers are impassioned to help students succeed and stoke the flames for their creativity and growth. However, I meet many people who could be taking higher level courses with these teachers, but vastly underestimate themselves. As a result, they don't get the amount of credits they could be getting by graduation. I enjoin the staff of Plymouth South High School to encourage students to have confidence in their ability to learn.
They have recently built an entire new building with state of the art EVERYTHING, I so do wish I could go back in time to attend this new building.

Although I wish the art department got more time to shine-rather than all the sports teams I would have appreciated it more. I loved the Art department at south and was really close with my art teacher.

Also the Special education department is amazing!
Overall my experience at PSHS was a good one. They have recently demolished the school that I had gone to and have rebuilt a brand new school. I have yet to tour the new school, but it looks amazing. The pictures I have seen look like a state of the art facility and a big improvement from the old building. The only issue I had at the old building was it got very crowded being the school was designed for 1,200 students and my graduating year the school had over 1,600 students enrolled.
Most of the teachers are very nice and helpful. The AP classes are challenging and help prepare the students for college courses, even if the students don't do well on the AP test or use their credits towards college
Plymouth South was great, and so were the teachers. The food wasn't terrible either which is an added bonus! It is a tech high school, and there were so many options to choose from! Whether you wanted to be a cosmetologist, or a car mechanic straight out of high school you have the opportunity.
Plymouth Public Schools did a great job or preparing me for college and providing me with a good high school experience.
Since the new building was opened in 2017, going to Plymouth South High is certainly a new experience. The fresh architecture and plethora of windows truly gives the school a more open feel.
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I’m a Plymouth South graduate and I couldn’t recommend this school more! It’s such a tight-knit community and not once did I ever feel excluded. The school pride is unreal, but for those who choose not to partake aren’t pressured to do so. Most of the teachers go above and beyond to help students do as well as they can whether it be through staying after for extra help, meeting during lunch, or even providing deadline extensions. Not only were the teachers incredibly helpful, I also felt a bond with every teacher that I had, which made school feel like I was hanging out with my friends while also learning. Another thing that I enjoyed about South was that there was no “popular” kids, it wasn’t a typical high school with cliques, there were many different types of people who were all friends with one another. Overall, I would highly recommend the school for it’s staff, and welcoming, communal feel.
At PSHS there is opportunity to choose an academic track, vocational track or a combination of both. It is in this setting that I discovered my passion and future career course. Had I not taken some of the electives/tech classes I would not be so sure of what I hope my future holds. PSHS made this possible. I am also the first senior class to graduate from a brand new state of the art high school.
I love how Plymouth South High School creates a safe and friendly environment for all their students. The principle and vice principal do an amazing job at working with everyone in a fair and honest way. Most teachers try to make a connection with their students and help them by staying after.
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