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So, I had wanted to go to Plymouth Regional High school Full time but that wasn't an option for me because I was home schooled and they wouldn't transfer my freshman and sophomore credits. Which I think was really outrageous considering I was probably smarter than 3/4 of the kids my age going into their junior year. Other than that though, I've enjoyed going there part time because their academics are great and the teachers are friendly.
Plymouth regional high school has many clubs and activities to participate in which enhanced my academic experience. I am feeling more prepared to start my college career with confidence.
Even though the atmosphere can be questionable at times, Plymouth Regional High School offers amazing academic alternatives that many children in vastly populated and/ or impoverished areas might not get to experience.
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Most of the teachers I had here were very kind and tried their best with students. Unfortunately this school values atheltism over everything, especially football. Their theater program is dying out as they give it little attention and most cubs are sports based or non existent.
School is nice but could be updated. Some teachers are very helpful while others let you struggle on your own.
Overall, its a good school. However I have noticed that there is favoritism with some of the teachers, and if you're that laid back/quiet in the corner kid, you won't really be noticed all that much. The students at the school are very inclusive and they won't let anyone sit alone at lunch. The after school activities are a lot of fun, and the school's music/art department is abosolutely amazing. After school activities are a little difficult to commit to though because the teachers assign SO much homework, and aren't always clear with instructions on how to do it. But if you can keep up with it all, then you're golden.
I loved Plymouth Regional High School! Overall, everyone - students, teachers, and other faculty - was amazing and welcoming. I played a few sports and joined many clubs (e.g., theater, yearbook committee, school magazine, book club, and others), and I always had a lot of fun. I met a lot of kind people who helped me become my best self during high school and even continue to help me even though I've graduated and have attended college for two years. Shout out to Mr. Sutherland!
Loved the school, teachers are extremely helpful. Guidance counselors are extremely helpful! Sports are great and the music department is a great place. The arts programs are super excepting.
At Plymouth Regional High School, many people are only concerned about getting good grades (or simply passing the class) and do not care about actual learning. There are few teachers who truly know their subject matter, but the ones who do are amazing.
At PRHS I am very involved and they offer a multitude of extra curricular activities, classes, and opportunities for the students. I would not change much about because I really enjoy going to school there, I would have it start later, like 8 instead of 7:30, but in all honesty I would not change much
A great place, nice neighborhood, zero tolerance of bullying, and a very competent and accessible staff.
After coming from a school district that didn’t offer SATS and college prep courses you really appreciate it when it’s given to you. The community is wonderful and you really do feel excepted here, I can almost always be myself and I was afraid at one point because of the school I was going to in the past. It’s a great school and a loving community.
My experience so far at PRHS is spectacular! There is a variety of classes that you can choose to take each year and you can challenge yourself. The extracurricular activists are extremely fun!
The school is VERY focused on sports, and I feel like there is favoritism among students and teachers. The language department and English department are terrible though. I did not have a good experience with those classes.
Plymouth is a great school if you actually do your work and turn it in on time. Otherwise, the teachers do not make an effort if you are not even going to try. I like the variation of clubs.
Plymouth Regional High School is very academically focused. The teachers overall genuinely care about their students and connect with students. It is a very clean school and the janitorial staff are amazing. The administration is not the best and the school isn't very diverse, but overall the school is great.
Even though it's a big public school, it still takes care of its students. Teachers care and will take time out of their day to help students. There is also strong school pride and spirit and community.
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Overall this is a great high school in many ways. The best thing about this school has to be the teachers and the classes offered, and the opportunities available comes second best. All of my teachers have been great and they love what they do and care about your success as a student, including the guidance staff. The selection of courses here is wide, and there are also valuable technical career courses offered here. As a student here, you are constantly given extra curricular opportunities whether you are a three season athlete, or whether you'd never play a sport in your life. There are tons of unique sports and clubs offered here to keep everyone busy.
Plymouth High is a relatively small school. It has strong academic courses and most of the students are involved in athletics. Some of the teachers are extremely caring and kind, although there are some older teachers who are slightly rude. Overall, the environment is clean and nice. The library and the library staff are both fantastic!
Plymouth is a great school with a lively environment. There is something there for everyone. Whether it is a club, a sport, or a class, there is always ways to get involved. The teachers, administration, and everyone else in the community are determined to keep students safe and happy. The school creates an environment where anyone can feel welcome. Occasionally, there is a stronger focus on sports, which may leave other clubs behind. However, the people within the building are there to support anyone, no matter what the issue may be.
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