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Plymouth North High School Reviews

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Plymouth North has amazing teachers and staff who are really dedicated to their work and are an inspiration to the students.
North was a great experience for me. I thrives in academics and loved the sports programs. The teachers I had throughout my 4 years were all very helpful in getting me where I am. The students are also great.
The class options prepare any student for any post high school career path. The teachers are supportive. All core classes have levels for all abilities. Most varsity sports teams make it to the division 1 tournaments
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I'd like to see some of the adults at this school care more about students. The guidance counselors can be really horrible, the nurses are judgmental, the librarians are means. But the teachers tend to really care about their kids. I've developed really amazing professional relationships with some of my teachers.
Plymouth North does a great job of allowing you to be who you want to be. It has many different clubs and sports teams, while also offering an abundance of high-level classes to fit everyone's wants and needs.
This school really provides a great education to students. With passionate, intelligent teachers and a variety of engaging classes, it really prepares you for college in a way that most schools don't. When you graduate here, you are ready to take on challenging classes that force you to learn independently, but you also know how to ask for help when you need it.
Academics and Biomedical sciences program was very good, however, the other students often create a bullying problem for many kids and the administration does little to handle it. There was a large issue of sexual assault as well as sexual harassment that would be reported and not dealt with not to mention lots of fighting.
school is school what can i say thats all i got to say because school is just school not everyone likes high school
Bad teachers, bad courses/curriculum compared to other ma schools, wasteful schedule. Overall the worst school never go there, careless staff
I have enjoyed most of what Plymouth Public Schools has to offer with an exception of a few areas. All-in-all, it has been a fun experience and I have been able to take advantage of several cool opportunities.
most of the teachers are very nice, other than the few bad apples. they really don’t care about the orchestra though.
I love everything! I am so grateful to be a student at this school! I left another school to come to Plymouth Norht for their amazing marketing program and I have no regrets. The teachers and guidance department has helped me so much especially when I was on medical leave. Even the ladies that work in the lunch room are so sweet! I have no doubts regarding my safety or the quality of my education. All of the clubs are so diverse and fun and I am so happy to be apart of the community. I will be very sad leaving Plymouth North and all that it has given me.
A Parent of 4 kids who attend(ed) PNHS, please consider this before subjecting your child to this School. If you excel academically, your all set, as was the case for 2 of my kids. If they have any type of special needs,RUN FOR THE HILLS. I.E.P's are ignored, even when you meet with staff. Kids with challenges get stuck in the CARE program. A way to lower standards and push them through.This is how their grad. rate look good. My 2 with challenges have been subject to the most Cruel BULLYING I have ever seen. My youngest has been told "just ignore it", and "we'll take care of if" just to see it continue. A death threat was made last year to my child,and the solution to that was to suspend that child's late bus privileges. We get calls from our child begging to be picked up at the bus stop because they do not feel safe. Obviously PNHS do not believe the tragedies that have occurred in other School Systems are anything to be concerned about. Don't let the academic rating fool you.
The school has many resources for students and mostly nice and helpful teachers to make school bearable. The students are friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming. The food may be pretty terrible however the administration is helpful and caring.
well it was a pretty good time, i so many life long friends there and i really enjoyed the time that i spent there for the most part
Overall Plymouth North is a good school. The teachers are dedicated to their students success. The school principal is very involved and really cares about the students.
I attended Plymouth North High School for all four years and it was an overall great experience. The teachers were all very pleasant to be around and worked around the clock to help student succeed. Staff worked hard to integrate the students into groups so there would be no cliques or exclusions. The only difficulty I faced was the fear of missing days or coming in late due to personal matters, but that was on a case by case basis. I hope to see an improvement in their special education over the next few years. Their extracurriculars are great and are open to many different types of students. This high school is a great fit for many types of students looking to receive a well-rounded education.
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Plymouth North has a wide variety of programs and classes to interest any student. The four year Engineering Tech program is excellent, but there are also CNA cert classes, digital media, facilities management, biomedical, as well as strong honors and AP classes in many many subjects. The building is very new, and well designed to support students, spaces for music, art, sports, as well as lab and workshop facilities, library and health facilities. I've been very lucky to have such a strong public high school in my town. And this is just one of many high school options in Plymouth.
Plymouth North High School is an average high school, they offer good resources to help students get a foot into different careers such as programs to jumpstart careers in certain fields such as Allied Health, Engineering, Marketing and more. The building itself also includes many resources students can take advantage of such as an extensive library, multiple computer labs, and a good sized gymnasium. The school also offers a larger variety of classes that students can take along with after school clubs that can have students thrive within their interests as well as expand them.However, the resources and building the school provides are the best part of the school as the academics although not poor are just average with a big difference in qualified and unqualified teachers at the school. The school lunches are also not very good.
We are fortunate to have a beautiful new building with great technology and amazing course offerings. Our visual and performing arts department is top notch, and there are a variety of sports teams and extra curricular activities for students to participate in.
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