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We are fortunate to have a beautiful new building with great technology and amazing course offerings. Our visual and performing arts department is top notch, and there are a variety of sports teams and extra curricular activities for students to participate in.
Not a bad school, good learning environment. Teachers are friendly and understanding. School spirit is at a high, especially with how involved so many people are with sports. Games are weekly in which many students attend.
Plymouth North is a great school and offers so many opportunities to students who put in time and effort to take advantage of them. I've had a great experience with academics and teachers during my four years at North.
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Some of the teachers were very passionate and made the overall learning experience amazing, really helped prepare me for college level work in some aspects. New school was nice too.
I liked how Plymouth North was a supportive community. I just recently graduated and my experience was pretty good. I always felt pretty safe in school and i always felt like I could go to my guidance counselor for support in any situation. Overall, I feel prepared for college and the teachers put forth their best effort to give my peers and I the best education possible.
I have enjoyed my time at Plymouth North, but I do see room for change. One place I find room for improvement in Plymouth North High School's environment would be student involvement in policy changes. Many times the student body has experienced neglect in administrative decisions that affect us directly. This can be seen in the 2014-2015 school year. Administration decided the school needed a new schedule, and had two options to pick from. Instead of getting the entire school's opinion between the two options, they kept the two options a secret and merely went to the teachers. They never considered asking for student opinions. We as students deserve a chance to have a student representative for these decisions to display the a new point of view.
Overall, Plymouth North has been a great place. I have learned so much from my classes and have made lasting relationships with my peers. But, the school administration needs to involve their students more, without question.
The environment of students is very clique oriented and entitled. The teachers however are very kind and engaging, and the opportunities to learn are great.
Overall Plymouth North is a fairly average high school. Some of the teachers are great and really do prepare you for college, while some just seem to enjoy giving busy work. The new school and facilities are beautiful and make school more enjoyable, but still overall a very cliquey school and not very diverse.
Plymouth North encourages all students to succeed. There are many resources offered, one being that the library is always open for at least an hour after school ends so that students have time to do their homework. I take advantage of this so I don’t fall behind in class and can get my work done easily without any distractions. Also, all the teachers I had while attending this school for the past four years are determined to see each student do well. They encourage kids who are struggling to stay after and offer one on one time to help catch up. This helps especially if you’re absent one time. Plymouth north also listens to the students and will truly consider any activities or clubs that students want to create. The students are what make up Plymouth North and I’m proud I get to graduate from here.
I think the school is okay, but needs improvements. There is no diversity in this school and if there are other races it is extremely divided. Another thing that could be improved is working with other extracurricular activities and not just the sports teams. I feel like that is where most of the money goes, to the sportd teams.
Plymouth North High School is a very good high school when it comes to academics and getting you real for the real world, but it has some bad things about it just like any school does. Some of the teachers aren't the best and the food is bad almost every day. Looking back on my 3 and a half years going to Plymouth North I am glad I went to this school because I got a very good education for the high school level.
Im a current student at Plymouth North High School so i've been here for 4 years now. This school has such a great atmosphere and everyone in the school is very helpful and set you up for life. The administration is always there to help you with your problems as well as guidance is too. The only down side is that when it comes to college I feel as if we are almost on our own with it all. I don't think that guidance and teachers prepare us for college as much as i wish they did. But overall I think that north is a fairly good school.
At North there are some very good teachers who care very deeply about the students, which really makes the entire high school experience that much better for all the students whose lives they touch. It’s also good how it is relatively easy to start a new club, which gives students the opportunity to implement change within the school. However, there are a some aspects of North which are less than satisfactory, such as the lunchtime experience. The time provided for lunch is extremely short, and the food is atrocious; it is neither nutritious nor appetizing. Also, the administration can be rather difficult to talk to and give constructive criticism regarding different issues which arise within the school.
I liked the teachers I had and the variety of classes they offered. Over the course of my four years I was lucky to have a few excellent teachers that really care about the students and their college aspirations. The school could have more electives to choose from for students. Overall I believe they have prepared me for college.
At Plymouth North High School, I have been allowed to grow into my own kind of adult. The variety of programs and extracurriculars, alongside some of the best teachers I’ve ever had, have gently provided me with the ability to become my own person. They have provided opportunities for me to grow in ways I never even knew I wanted to. Without Plymouth North High School, I can comfortably say I would not know what I want to do with my life, and wouldn’t know how to go about making it possible. I am glad I got to attend this school for 4 years, and hope others can get this same opportunity.
I like the diversity and envoirment at school. It is a safe place to be and is always uplifting. The students are very respectful towards the teachers and vise versa.
I have never been denied access to help or assistance in the school, whether it be school related or not! They are always there for stundents, mentally, physically and emotionally. The well being of students is the top priority and learning is based around students needs. The school itself is in well condition, always clean. The community itself is amazing, very welcoming and supportive.
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Plymouth North High School sees its students as just numbers. Especially in this past year, students walk around with only a few hours of sleep, having to take breaks during the day for mental breakdowns. AP classes are pushed on students in order to make the school look better, and most guidance counselors only have about five minutes to meet with their students so they aren't a resource a lot of people feel comfortable using. There are some teachers who actually care about their students, but they are so heavily regulated and expected to keep test scores high, so there isn't a whole lot they can do. With that being said, the vocal music programs are phenomenal and the music program as a whole is becoming one of the best in the area.
What I liked about Plymouth north was my teachers. They allowed me to not only learn in out of the box ways, but they became a part of my life. Caring for me when things were tough outside of school and making sure I always got the extra help I needed in order to succeed.
Plymouth schools are okay. I say this because I don't believe they do everything they can to teach us. There are plenty of students who have mental health issues and learning disabilities that are isolated from the rest of the school when in reality, they should be with all of their peers. Along with that, I don't believe they do everything to make bullying not okay. There are plenty of guidelines and laws but instead our principals are distracted by our school sports teams.
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