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A lot of busy work when it comes to homework. I feel like I'm learning things I'll never have to use in real life and missing out on things I will need to know. Pretty diverse. Few good teachers, a lot of weird ones (Mr. Buckley). They got rid of Pre-Ap so the classes would be less segregated (and still are). Only standard courses are available. Spanish, French, Band, Choir, Orchestra are offered. Poor administration. Very small portion sizes food wise, although you can buy some a la carte stuff if you have enough money in your account. We have Chromebooks so we do have resources. Almost no natural light throughout the building. The school is generally safe but there are fights. Sometimes you'll walk through multiple fights in the hallway in one day, sometimes you won't see one for weeks. Overall I've learned some stuff about history and Spanish, but I wish I chose RMS.
I like the advanced classes for my child. They would be bored in regular classes
There's a police officer there
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Seems like teachers misplace students papers regularly: I had to tell my child to make copies.
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