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Our children entered in second grade and kindergarten and at all points of their time here, they have had attentive and compassionate teachers. The academics are rigorous and the teachers are dedicated. Students progress through their studies in project led assignments with individualized attention that matches their learning styles and challenges them to expand upon their stretch skills. Presenting and speaking in front of others is built upon every year and students know their voice is heard and respected. PMFS loves families’ presence—there has never been a time where we were turned away when we have wanted to be involved —all one has to do is step up and you will be welcomed. As a family of color, we have always felt encouraged to share and in fact, lead and participate. We are thrilled to have our children attend and graduate from Plymouth Meeting Friends School.
My son has been at this school since pre-k and is graduating this year. There has never been a day that he has not woken up and been excited about going to school. Teachers are willing to communicate with parents on a daily basis about students if need be while also fostering independence and self-management. They are not only academically rigorous, but full of love and compassion!
Plymouth Meeting Friends School is an academically vibrant and socially diverse learning culture where our son learned the deep value of community and grew into his own as an individual learner.
We were active at PMFS for seven years, and from the beginning, it was clearly an environment where our son's individual strengths and challenges would be supported.
Through creative, "out of the box" teaching (outdoor classrooms and field trips, 3rd grade publishing, 4th grade circus, 6th grade peer mentoring), community building with an excellent social/emotional curriculum, and an unparalleled program to develop students' understanding of themselves as global citizens (overnight trips starting in 1st grade culminating in a 2 week Mexican exchange program in 5th grade) Plymouth Meeting Friends School met our son's educational needs, illuminating his true strengths,and readily set him up for success in middle school and beyond. I cannot say enough about this gem of a school!
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As an elem teacher, I was pretty picky when it came to looking for a school for our oldest kid. He is now in his 8th and final year at PMFS, and we have not regretted our choice to join the PMFS community. PMFS has "checked all our boxes." We wanted a small school that focused primarily on the first half of childhood (having worked in both PreK-6 and PreK-12 schools, this was really important to me); a curriculum that would prepare our kids for the academics of 7th-12th gd at any school, as well as encourage their innate curiosity and develop critical thinking; daily interaction with nature; teachers who were passionate about teaching and developing deep relationships with their students; and a school where social-emotional learning, conflict resolution skills, and acceptance and celebration of differences of all kinds were an ingrained part of the school culture. I am blown away by who my 6th grader has become - as a learner, friend, and justice-oriented, globally aware citizen.
Plymouth Meeting Friends School not only allowed my children to be children but also allowed them to be themselves. PMFS is accepting of all and nurtures the spirit, uniqueness, and strength in every child. PMFS provided a foundation of learning for my children: academically, socially, emotionally and of their greater community. PMFS certainly helped prepare them for life beyond elementary school and set them up for success.
My son went to PMFS from kindergarten through 6th grade and had and excellent experience. The academics were excellent, and he was very well prepared for the 7th grade. He placed into advanced math at his next school, and the research and writing projects he did at PMFS were more sophisticated than what he did in the 7th grade at his next school. What made me the most happy, though, was that he left Plymouth having learned what it was like to be his very best self. As a result he left feeling comfortable with who he is, and that is the best thing that he got from PMFS.
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