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Excellent public high school in Sheboygan County. I recommend Plymouth High School to all residents.
I like that it's a smaller school and that you always know someone when you are walking down the halls. The teachers are very approachable.
Plymouth High School is located in the small town of Plymouth Wisconsin, and it has everything that you could wish for in a high school. It has good teachers that actually care about their students, a fantastic band program, excellent community involvement, good sports teams, and a small town feel that really makes you feel welcome. I just graduated from it a few days ago, and I'll actually miss it a lot.
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I had an immense amount of opportunities in all aspects of life here at Plymouth. I formed many beneficial relationships with peers and teachers.
Everything about Plymouth is great- the teachers, the environment, the classes. I wouldn't want to go to another school.
We school choiced to Plymouth because of the array of academic and extra curricular opportunities it allows our kids to participate in.
What I love about Plymouth Join High School is that they have one of the most amazing manufacturing facilities in the state. It gives us the opportunity to pursue certain job tasks employers are looking for when we go out to the workforce. We are ready to go out into a job and have some expertise in the task. This school gives out a lot of college coarses which is amazing because it helps us out dramatically in the future when/if we go to college. Some things I would like to change in this school is the lunch. I know it has changed over the years, but I don't think we're getting great food choices. It's almost the same food every other week and it gets old after awhile. The teachers here are very supporting. They actually want to see us succeed in life and they know that by teaching us the way they did, we will be getting far in life.
The majority of the teachers care about their subject and want students to succeed. There are some, however, that do not challenge students enough, and cater to their own laziness.
There is a good amount of extracurricular activities and sports at Plymouth High School. It is easy to get involved and find something that suits one's interests.
The amount of class options is great, especially for a smaller school of about 800 students.
The faculty truly wanted everybody to succeed. Everyone was helpful and friendly, and the teachers went way out of their way to offer help. Plymouth High School also offers numerous college credit courses that have been beneficial to my current standing at UW-Madison.
This high school prepared me in nearly every way for college. I was able to take college leveled courses and the teachers were extremely qualified. I would say that 1 or 2 of my teachers from high school are better teachers than any of the professors I've taken throughout college.
Using Niche has been my go-to website when it comes to researching colleges and applying for scholarships. It is a user friendly website that can help every kind of student.
There are a lot of things that help us be safe.
The teachers at my high school are very responsible and willing to help the students with their work. I could tell they put alot of time into their studies and homework. They grade very effectively and on time. My science teacher, on the other hand, wasn't all the great at tecahing the lessons and materials in class.
I would do it again a hundred times. Amazing community, sports, and education.
Mr. Sebranek, Band Teacher- He is the most involved and fun loving teacher I have ever had and i will never forget everything he has done for me.
If you get caught you'll get punished.
The arts are very good because of the people who run it. Sports on the other hand is a joke.
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I've experienced being hated for following my passion and the school hasn't helped me in any way to supply me with the skills I want in order to fulfill my dreams.
Honestly I've found it very hard to relate and respect most of my teachers because they didn't have a dream big and go for it attitude. Most of my teachers were very average with very little inspiring background so I found it hard to look up to average people because I strive to be something greater than just average.
Fun and enthusiastic students at sporting events and fun homecoming week.
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