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I like everything about The Plymouth Shiloh Local School District.The new buildings are great. The new AD is awesome. They just put in a new football field, could be more bleachers for fans but other than that no complaints. The girls softball field was just redone including a new scoreboard. There is always plenty of community involvement in all activities from band to FFA. Could ask for better school to call home. Go BIG RED!
In high school, I really enjoyed the closeness with the teachers and being able to get help whenever I needed it.
I experienced a small community come as a whole to make a small town unforgettable. You know everyone and everyone knows you. You have to create bonds and relationships throughout your whole life so you never forget where you came from. I was grateful to grow up in such a strong and safe community.
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Peer pressure is bad at this school everyone ones to fit in because everyone knows everyone. If you're nice and involved the teachers and students will like you.
I wish the school had a 1 to 1 with computers with the demand for online classes, tests, and textbooks. The work load is very manageable, I'm a straight A student and I am in many sports. The teachers are some of the best around and they are always there if you need them.
The people at this school are rather rude and cliquey. The best experiences are athletic events because there is so much community support.
The teachers use online worksheets and in-class textbook learning to teach students. They teach the bare minimum of the standards and get angry when asked to incorporate real life examples into their teaching methods.
We have a guard who is at the school most days and we have a trainer who is there 95% of the time and a school nurse who comes in a few times a week.
The extra curricular activities are great but there is a limited number of them because we are such a small school about 250 in the high school. Most are free except for maybe a t shirt cost.
The teachers are great. We all have our bad days. When the teachers do class is a little off but it picks back up the next day.
The education is great, the teachers are top notch. There are so many classes that I can take and earn college credit for.
If I have any complaints in regards to academics, it is with the math department. The teachers are very bad at going in depth with explanations and tend to engagingly teach with few students in the classroom.
The athletic trainer is very friendly to most of the athletes. If there is a school nurse, most of the students don't know about it. The health department handed out cards and forced the students to pledge abstinence as opposed to teaching them more applicable skills to, you know, not being pregnant sixteen year olds.
This school goes through administrators and fine arts instructors like teenagers go through socks. The administrators are power-happy. The athletics are based around who you were raised by and who you friends were. Who you are friends with is also based on who your parents were when they went to this school because no one leaves once they graduate. It is overall cliquey, except during athletic events. That seems to be the only time people don't hate each other. The only positive is the talent the teachers have for teaching students. They are very passionate about what they do and are very good at what they do.
The principal and faculty are very open-minded and considerate when it comes to disciplining. They understand and take into consideration personal matters as well as if it is a first-time offence or an concurring thing.
Plymouth has excellent athletics and the students are very involved and active in the sports, whether it be through supporting the teams or being on the teams.
The teachers try to be available as often as possible and use their own personal time to help students with their classwork and studies. The teachers joke around and talk with the students everyday.
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There are several different groups available to become involved in, and they helped a lot with social awkwardness. They also get the kids involved with school programs such as the Veteran's Day Assembly, during which the History Club members spoke and played a key role in.
My high school helped me prepare for college by talking about Fafsa and the different types of loans available.
I liked all the teachers, they are really helpful
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