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At Plymouth High School, there is a lack of resources, academics, teachers and college readiness. The lack of resources means that students cannot learn different things that will prepare them for the real world. Teachers teach students on a middle school level, which also pushes the student back from being on a college level. Plymouth High School, mainly worries about the wrong things instead of encouraging students to challenge themselves. However, what I like about Plymouth High School are the people. Many people there are kind and helpful. The teachers there are also friendly and can be a role in a students life.
I would like for the curriculum to be based more on college prep. I would like to see WCHS actually prepare the students for college instead of working at minimum-wage jobs. There should be classes for students who enjoy hands-on tasks such as workshop. There should be classes who enjoy theatre, dance, drama, etc. There should be more freedom for students who exemplify good behavior. Students with excellent behavior and grades should be allowed time to leave campus during break periods. Instead, students are treated like fourth-graders under lockdown. There is a lot of improvements that could and should be made at WCHS.
I love this school because the teachers are always helping achieve in my grades and pushing everyone to succeed in life and there goals. I also love this schools athletics because if I need help in something I can go to my coaches for anything sports or school related
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The environment is very friendly around our school. I, honestly love the fact the teachers are trying their hardest to get every an education. The only problem I think is really holding the school back is ‘Dress-Code’. Many kids are having issues with dress code, but I see no problem with it. They feel as if the teachers are way strict on clothes instead of grades. But , me personally, i’m totally fine with it!
I love participating in the clubs and activities available. I would like the school to have more college preparation available to all students. The school should lower the amount of focus on dress code and put more emphasis on why test scores are so low. Administrators should work more with teachers to remove children that interrupt class so that the ones that want to succeed do not have to suffer.
I am a 2017 graduate from Plymouth High. I had a very rich experience at PHS, I was active in my classes, in sports and extra curriculum activities. If you are willing to be positive and stay focus, your high school years will be productive and of quality. Go Vikes!
My experiences in Plymouth High School were very exciting and informative. I learned many things about myself as well as my abilities. I found new friends and newfound love of Chemistry. The only thing about Plymouth High School that I would change is resources we have. I feel that with better resources this school would be one of te top in the country.
My overall experience on Plymouth High School (PHS) is amazing. I love how the teachers and administration strive for the students to succeed in life. They make sure students are on there A game. Our hashtag #60catchthewave was to motivate students to strive for a 60 or above on every assignment and test as possible. There's nothing I would change about it.
Plymouth High School was definitely not like the high schools portrayed on television. There were no stereotypical clicks, no one was tortured daily, and no violence. Everyone just went on about their own business. I just hope for more extra curricula activities.
P.High is a great school.
P High has GREAT teahers.
This school is like no other, despite what others say about it, students still continuously strive to do great things. Our mascot is Vikings and how I see the mascot is a story told explaining that " many may count us out or may not believe in us to do great things but, we use that at fuel to push harder and work more efficient and harder".
Most teachers do their job and do more than they have to do in order for the students who wants to learn get their proper education, despite the students that disrupt class.
Teachers do what they can with the resources they are provided. I think they do a pretty good job considering that most of the teachers aren't able to have a planning period.
I probably would attend this school again because I met some really great people.
The teachers that teach core classes are good and they try their best to make sure you learn so you can pass. But the teachers that teach electives let you have the choice to do the work or get the bad grade.
it is okay I believe they can make classes a little bit more harder meaning to a level that a 10th 11th 12th grader student should be doing, sometimes I feel like I'm in middle school.
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Teacher are fair and the Coaches are great.
There is always a variety to choose from.
School spirit is average for athletics.
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