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Overrall, Plymouth High School is a good stepping block to whatever you want for your future. Many students go on to impressive schools, while others go straight to the work force in many high-demand fields. Most teachers are amazing, and really want the best for every student. The only reason for my low rating is the college readiness aspect. Much of he preparation students do, from the college search to applications, must be done on their own, with little to no guidance from the school. When you do seek guidance, the counselors are unable to really satisfy any of your needs. Part of this is definitely because they are spread too thin, in charge of scheduling and counseling many students. I feel like I am on track to be ready for my future, but it's not thanks to PHS.
The school did nothing about bullying. Their solution was to sit down and work it out. This did not work the two would walk out of the talk and still bully each other. The teachers were amazing. They cared about the students as people not just students.
What I like is how much the teachers will help you learn, some are very caring and respectful. The learning enviroment is nice, but what could change is how the school teaches, because like said, not everyone is the same, so if you told a fish to climb a tree, it would feel stupid its whole life because it cant do that like everyone else can. They need to adjust learning ablities to their students and not through just one way.
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My experience with Plymouth High School has been exceptional. The Plymouth School Corporation holds to a high level of excellence, constantly challenging students in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. During my time here I have had the opportunity to take many AP and honors courses beginning my junior year, which offered another way of academically challenging myself as well as preparing for college and hopefully saving some money through dual credit.

The best part of my experience has been the teachers. The teachers that I have had have been very dedicated to their students' well being as well as the course material they are teaching. It is so much more motivating to go to class when I have great teachers that are encouraging and much more than just instructors.
Also, I feel that the administration does a great job at keeping the students and safety a top priority. I have appreciated that the administration is always working to better our experience.
There are quite a few things that I liked about PHS. The biggest part of PHS that I like was the school of inquiry. The WSOI school helped tremendously with preparing me for college. Between the structure of the class and the workload itself I was more than prepared for all of the challenges I have faced and will face in college. The dual credit and AP courses in the WSOI school really helped to get me ahead of the game for college. Having left PHS with over 15 college credits under my belt I had very few " first year" classes that I had to take in my freshman year of college.
Teachers were either the best people I ever met or horrible, literally no in between. Guidance counselors were absolutely fantastic and most of the administrators were okay. Diversity is poor; I would estimate that 25% of the student body was Hispanic, 74% were White, with 1% other. It's a very conservative Republican area, but from my experience about half of the students were progressive Republicans or conservative Democrats.
Teachers were really great. They would go the extra mile, especially if you put in the extra effort.
Plymouth High School was a safe place where I received a great education through the help and support of great teachers!
My experience at Plymouth High School was overall very good. I was in the WSOI area of the school and loved almost every teacher I ever had. I would recommend WSOI to anyone that is ready for a hands off experience and you also have so much freedom with the Inquiry. I made great friends and was sad to see them go. Plymouth High School is very particular on their sports and most of their teams are very well. I switched schools just because I heard such great things about this one. Go Rockies!
Overall, the environment. I loved that no matter what, by teachers, or by students, you are not judged by who you are, or what you are. I don't think there is anything to really change about our High School, that is just a matter of opinion on what a certain individual sees.
Plymouth has a lot to offer with their various honors and AP classes. However I'd like to see an increase in drug abuse prevention.
The lunches need to be better but the overall staff at Plymouth high school is outstanding, there isn’t a single teacher, administrator, etc. that doesn’t care about their students, they all believe in us and want the best for us.
This is a great school with several great teachers! Food could definitely be changed, but I think all school food is gross. There isn't a great diversity of students, but you can still have a different arrangement of friends!
Plymouth is a great hands on learning environment. I enjoyed being a student here myself and would recommend it to anyone interested. Their arts programs and sports are some of the highest in the area and is always a fun time. I loved the faculty. They were always there when a student needs someone to talk to. The only complaint I have is that the basic course, such as math and English, would change their curriculum a little bit more for college readiness. I found I wasn't prepared enough for my entry level courses. Over all though the school is a high recommendation.
Plymouth High School is a great place to go to school. The faculty is caring and understand of all of it's students. We have extraordinary athletic program. Plymouth High School is the birthplace of Olympic runner, Morgan Uceny. This school is also responsible for making many of successful people, who they are today. I couldn't imagine going to any other school.
It was a great experience. Not too small and not too big. I wouldn't have wanted to spend 4 years of my life anywhere else.
I enjoyed the fact that Plymouth High School embraced change like going one-to-one with Mac books and implementing Project Based Learning classrooms in all grade levels. However, the administration is not doing its job correctly. Problems are not dealt with even when parents bring the same problems forth again and again. Instead, it is more likely that major issues involving the safety and protection of students are instead swept under the rug. There is too much pride at PHS and the need to be perfect that it hurts and hinders the students and staff as well.
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Plymouth High school provides different educational experiences leading each kid to find their personal path of success. My high school has engraved me with some of the best moments of my life. From the day I stepped foot into the school as a freshman to today I have felt secure, wanted, and most importantly special. Plymouth High School allowed me to engage in my favorite sport, while participating in clubs, and taking theatre class as an extra circular. This high school offers clubs and classes to suit any interest. Plymouth High school is truly committed to doing whatever is takes to develop students socially and academically. The teachers at my high school have always been committed to the students, and they always treat us with kindness and integrity. There is no doubt that any teacher would say no to helping a student seek help academically or personally. Plymouth High School is a place of excellence, and my experience has been one that I will never forget.
I like the amount of opportunities I am given to be involved in not only what is going on in the classroom but the community as well.
My experience at Plymouth High School has been very great and very successful. I have learned so much and I have grown not only as a student but as a person. There are so many opportunities here and they allow students to participate in almost everything. The staff really cares about their students. Their are many options for classes including AP and college course classes to help us prepare for the next step.
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