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I have been very fond of my time at Plymouth. The thing that I find most attractive about the school is the level of diversity that it boasts to the surrounding districts. The spectrum ranges from those who live in million dollar mansions to those who arrive from homeless shelters everyday. They could be sitting right next to eachother and never know how different they are. In my four years, I have not gone a single day without seeing a new face in the halls. The drive of the students to achieve greater things is backed up by teachers willing to pass on the tools each student needs to succeed. The combination of students, staff, and the community as a whole is what makes Plymouth High School great.
Plymouth High School is very unique to other high schools in surrounding cities. It is part of the parc, where we have 3 different high schools we take classes in. You walk between each of the buildings for the classes you are taking. The experience I have had at Plymouth is amazing. The staff is always helpful and willing to work with you. We are given so many opportunities that other schools don’t get. We have a large number of clubs kids can participate in, all different from the other clubs offered.
Plymouth is a good school with different activities for everyone to be a part of. There are many sporting events that anyone can attend all year and there are different clubs that apeal to everyone.
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Due to the fact that over 6,00 students attended PCEP, it is easy to find individuals that share your own personal morals, beliefs, and interests. Along with this, the teachers truly do care about their students´ success and do everything in their power to make sure that every student is accounted for.
Plymouth High School and the Park, in general, is a great school and as cliched, as it may sound, you get out what you put in. If you want to go to school and just go to your classes and not be involved, no one is going to stop you, but if get out and join clubs, it definitely makes the entire experience better.
My overall experience at Plymouth was fairly good. I never really had any problems with teachers they were all very nice and supportive in getting me ready for college. The walking in between the three schools also have prepared me for walking to my classes in many different conditions.
It is large and all the teachers are incredibly friendly and smart! Not to mention, there is an ample amount of clubs and activities available to all its students.
You are, more or less, treated like a number rather than an individual. As a freshman, you are thrown into a massive campus consisting of over 6,000 students and expected to pass your classes, join clubs, and make friends. Its pretty difficult to balance, especially coming from one of the surrounding middle schools, that of which consisted of much fewer students. I will say that they did get me ready for jr college.
The school is very nice since it was built relatively recently. The teachers are accepting, and most people don't have very many issues. The academics are challenging, which is helpful to prepare us for the future. There are many clubs and sports, so everyone has something that they can fit in to.
I really liked the varying, and different, classes you could take at PCEP, there are so many different classes you could take for almost any subject! My only big problem with the schools is that some of the staff aren't all that happy to be there and teach.
My overall experience at Plymouth high school was very unique. Plymouth-canton community schools is the only high school campus where there were three high schools on one campus and 7000 students. It really prepares you for college in that aspect. They have many student organizations for almost every students interests. It was difficult making a solid group of friends unless you were involved in sports teams or clubs. I would say academics here are relatively average in comparison to other high schools; they have the fair share of APs and honors classes. A new thing they implemented when I started my educational career there was they had three academies: art,STEM and IB. I was in STEM which was for science, engineering and technology and this helped me decide what I wanted to study in college.
Plymouth HIgh School is just a portion of the actual campus. There is 3 schools, Plymouth, Canton and Salem, all combined into one huge campus with over 6,000 students called the P-CEP. That means we have to walk to different buildings to get to our classes and see a bunch of new faces every day. Because of this, P-CEP has a college or university like atmosphere. Also because there are over 6,000 students, P-CEP has plenty of students from different stories and backrounds.
I came to Plymouth my sophomore year. It took a few months to go from a school of 200 to three schools on one campus with 6500+ in attendance. It has been an overall positive adjustment. I have had several kind and knowledgeable teachers at Plymouth, Salem, and Canton.
I love Plymouth high school! It's a good school to help you prepare for college. I like that you can walk from school to school to go to your classes because it gives you a feel for a college campus. This school also has really good classes you can take to help you with activities to do or to push yourself to ready yourself for college.
Plymouth High School is not the stereotypical high school experience. My school is part of a campus of three high schools totaling to over 7000 students. With this set-up, the school serves as an incredible college-like experience. My school is filled with very diverse students and everyday I see new people around. There is creativity and art around every corner as well as phenomenal teachers that are determined to change students' lives. In addition to these great characteristics, our school offers a huge range of classes and over 600 clubs so students can explore their passions before the next step in their lives.
I honestly loved going to Plymouth. The classes could be intense, but you did learn a lot in most of them. The campus allows for an insanely diverse population of students. You will never know everyone on campus, so there are always new people to meet and new friends to make. There are plenty of clubs and sports to get involved in. It really helped me prepare for college because of the size and the intensity of some of the classes.
Plymouth High School, part of the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park, was overall a good educational experience. My teachers were informed and care about their students. However, the class sizes and emphasis on test scores were a bit excessive.
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Attending Plymouth High School for the past four years has been an amazing experience. Plymouth High School offers a wide variety of classes, sports, and clubs. As a student, I was able to take AP courses, such as AP Biology, AP Statistics, and AP Psychology. I was also able to be a part of several clubs including NHS, Key Club, and Student Council.
Plymouth High School is one of three schools that make up the Plymouth Canton Educational Park, or PCEP. It is a vibrant, welcoming community of students and staff from all backgrounds and cultures. There is a place at PCEP for everyone, through their endless clubs, activities, sports, and classes.
My high school was a part of a campus made of three high schools and it allowed me to experience what a small college campus would be like. However, I would like to see more concern for students when they have to walk between buildings in the harsh winters.
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