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When I think back on my high school years, I smile. Remembering those good times with my friends and learning new things every day. I went to a smaller school. This made my class a lot closer, but the bad part was we did not have sports. I was a great soccer player but missed out on those high school soccer games. Instead I played club soccer, which was just as fun. Plymouth was a harder high school. When I went from high school to college, I thought college was a lot easier than high school. This just goes to show how well Plymouth Christian did with preparing us for college.
Overall the high school is not a bad place. The academics are great, as the teachers set high standards for each one of the students. There are not a whole lot of class options, which is understandable because it is a small school. The relationships built between the teachers and students are relationships that are built to last. The teachers care for the students and aspire to see each student reach their full potential.
It's a tight community environment with a focus on growing in wisdom and knowledge and learning to serve for God's glory.
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I loved high school. My school focused harder than most on preparing the students for college. Many people day that college is very hard and that taking twelve credits is full time. Coming out of Plymouth Christian this is not what happens. Students find the transition rather simple and taking fifteen credits even in te first semester of college is a breeze. While many people struggle those students from Plymouth Christian school have little trouble. Hard work was put into success in high school and the legacy continues into college. This however is not just thanks to the students but also parents teacher friends churches and any more significant people. The community makes our school strong and prosperous. Thank you PCS!
The Science Olympiad program is stellar! The teachers are amazing, and since it is a small school they know all of you by name! Academics are incredible! Prepares students well for college! Very good parent involvement as well! Overall, it is an amazing school!
The school works hard to teach the students a lot of information. It is not very big but has a nice feel to it. Does not participate in sport events.
Plymouth is a school that is very focused on their academic goals. They provide students with a very good education and prepare them for college well. They are a hard school, and therefore they make college a breeze. They provide students with a great education, while making learning an enjoyable experience.
Extracurricular activities are generally run by our Student Council. These activities are usually fun activities such as soccer, football, basketball, and many more. These activities really help promote the friendliness of the school.
My school overall is amazing. Science Olympiad is a key component of making my school great. We get to reach out to show others of our intelligence. Also, Student Council organizes several events that in which everyone is allowed to be involved. These events are a lot of fun, and some of them help raise money for good cause. This year we helped move a refuge family to the United States which was really awesome. The best part of my school is how close everyone is to one another. The entire school know each other and is friendly toward each other. If I had to do my school over, I would do it in a heartbeat!
My teachers are some of the best that anyone could expect. They are intelligent, helpful, friendly, and they show how the students should go about thinking and planning for their future lives. They not only focus on the now; they also focus on the future. They are always fair when grading. Both outside and inside the classroom they are willing to answer question or support the students that they teacher. Over all, I would consider my teachers some of the best teachers out there.
Its a great school because it is private and enables you to be yourself. All your friends believe the same as you so there are very few awkward moments. I prefer my old school, but overall this one isn't too bad of a school.
Over my four years at Plymouth, I have had some great experiences both academically and socially. I love the small class sizes at Plymouth which allows all students to be able to communicate with the teachers easily and ask as many questions as they need to. I have been prepared not only academically for college and my career put also religiously and morally. Without any question, I would attend Plymouth Christian again.
Acceptance and peer pressure can be major problems in schools. At Plymouth Christian, all the students struggle with these issues. Overall, the students are very accepting of people from all different races and backgrounds. Every year, students can from around the world to attend school at Plymouth, and they often fit in without any problems. Often times the bigger problem is peer pressure. Over time, however, peer pressure has morphed into a positive thing pushing students to do the right thing, rather than bad peer pressure.
All the teachers at my school are very knowledgeable in their subjects as well as very professional. Their individual styles are all unique and are overall very good. There are ,however, a couple teachers who do not vary their way of teaching in a class and this can make a class very boring. All the teachers are always ready to help any student with his studies. Overall, the teachers are very consistent in grading and getting it done in a short amount of time. Thus, the teachers at Plymouth Christian are above satisfactory.
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