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I have had 6 different children’s at PCA yes it can be different due to size , but the have been show love and not forced to learn unbiblical principles . I think we need to understand it’s not for everyone but can be huge in your child’s middle school years when they are finding there identity.
Plymouth Christian Academy is a great school. I enjoy being there. Academically speaking the school is well-advanced, prepared, and superb. The only things that are problematic are its views on controversial topics. While it is understood that it is a Christian school, I find that the school does not handle controversial topics among students with the best manner. The only thing I would like to see change is how it cares for students. The Bible doesn’t support homosexuality, but it does say to love everyone. The school does not know how to handle when students come out as LGBTQ+, and I hope to see that change.
I have been there since kindergarten (except fourth and fifth grade). I have learned a lot from the teachers there and from the chapel every Tuesday. Although its my senior year and I am very excited to go to college, I will miss my teachers and the environment very much.
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The best part about PCA was definitely the individual attention each student receives. The teachers really care about each student and it shows in their teaching and the overall education the students receive.
I love the high school principal/superintendent & many teachers. Elementary teachers are particularly awesome. And they've made changes to the high school staff. The German teacher is fabulous.
Very professional, godly people. I love the Christian principles, chapel and their music & PE programs & the flexible schedule they have provided my child. My other child attended from pre-school through graduation.
I wish they had more special education resources, but they have made improvements, & I think this is unfortunately a concern for many, if not all schools.
I don't know where to begin with this review without sounding like just another disgruntled parent. What I do know is that, when PCA had the opportunity to really invest in my child-a child who is very bright, funny, has diverse and unique interests yet had a hard time fitting in (due to those same qualities), they didn't have his back. If anything they watched as he was ostracized by his classmates and then blamed him for not fitting in. We left several years ago before they could suck his spirit dry. Even today I feel like PCA dimmed his spirit and took a bit of what was uniquely him. So yes, I am a disgruntled parent. But I'm not alone. Over the last few years there are numerous families who have left for similar reasons. It wasn't always this bad but the change in administration several years ago has created this culture and until the Regent Board decides to address it nothing will change.
This school offers the benefits of a small school community while providing big school opportuntities! The staff is amazing and attentive. There is no doubt everyone at this school cares for your child and wants the absolute best for your child. As a parent of two children at the school, I would recommend this school in a heartbeat. My children are receiving an amazing education while also being cared for in a loving and supportive environment.
This school will prepare your child for the real world. PCA prepared my children for college and for life. The godly example of their teachers made a tremendous difference .The biblical foundation they received in their classes has produced my adult children loving the Lord, are faithful going to church and are serving the Lord in their respective jobs. God bless PCA.
My son has been very happy with the PCA high school. The community is welcoming and the teachers care about their students success. There are many pluses to a small school.
The small class sizes at PCA are both beneficial and detrimental. They offer many friendships and a chance for teachers to really get to know their students, but it leaves little opportunity to meet new people, plus gossip spread incredibly fast. Most sports, fine arts, and clubs are excellent! Academics is where the majority of my problems at PCA lie. I did not feel prepared at all for college level science courses and had to figure out many concepts (that should've been taught in high school) on my own. The rigor of classes at PCA doesn't compare to rigor at universities. I had an incredibly stressful freshman year after quickly realizing the amount of time spent studying in high school wasn't going to work for any of my college classes. I wish that PCA would've offered more AP or honors-level classes while I was there. While I did enjoy my time at PCA, I would not recommend this school to anyone who wants to have a quality education.
Graduated in the mid 90's. Had an excellent experience in both academic and Biblical education at PCA. The school prepared me for the rigors at a top 10 academic university.
My only regret is not starting our kids there sooner. We started in Junior High. At the time we made the change, we were concerned about changing schools at the Jr High Level. There was not reason for concern. Students and Staff made our kids feel welcome - from the day we "Shadowed". Academically, our kids received the 1 on 1 attention they needed to transition into PCA. Athletically, our kids immediately were welcomed and part of the team(s). From a Biblical perspective, our kids have continued to grow in Christ - it is evident Academically, Athletically and from a Day to Day Perspective.
We had 4 students go through PCA from Pk-12. Our overall elementary experience was positive with many activities and 3 full sections per grade to offer a varied friend base. The teachers at that time were skilled and helped them grow. Through those years the school has shrunk due to varied reasons including struggles with administration and lack of vision. This has caused the staff quality to diminish. Those who are still there are worn, under valued and under-paid. Many quality teachers have left to continue their career elsewhere or retire early.
The administration’s decisions are based on the fire of the day, which are many, not in long term vision and stability of the school. This effects discipline, academics and overall student and teacher morale.
Until the regent board is able to make their own financial decisions with strong leadership, the school will continue to lose quality educators and families to support them.
The school is very driven in their faith and also focuses on the well-being of the students while also maintaining a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.
It is generally a great experience for most students. However, the dress code is inconsistent and the purpose of different rules are not completely explained to students.
I have been at PCA for almost 13 years and I have been pretty happy! Most teachers are knowledgeable and helpful. The homework is a little much but it does help prepare for college which is nice. The Bible is taught for what it is and they don't sway from that. I would overall recommend PCA to new families.
The overall experience was really great. Although it is very unfortunate to see that there is a lacking of diversity on campus. I was one of the only ethnic students in my class and in my early years it was hard to make friends who understood my culture, but as the years went on things began to change for the better and my life at school was one of the best experiences so far.
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Plymouth Christian Academy is not a spiritually focused school. The faculty and administration's focus is more on grades than on students' spiritual wellbeing. Many Biblical topics will not be addressed for the sake of avoiding controversy, which causes students who have grown up in the school to go without some pertinent questions to their faith answered. It also seems that the administration encourages student relationships and tends to participate in the gossip and drama, rather than putting a stop to it. Academically, this school is top notch. Their sports programs are great too. However, it is not worth it to me to go to a place that will adversely affect my spiritual growth.
I will be graduating from Plymouth Christian Academy soon, and I will be the first to admit it is not the most accepting place. Unless you are fantastic at sports or are a white upper class christian than the treatment and your experience is entirely different. Despite that, the English Program and the growing fine arts programs are phenominal and are gaining speed. They recently began factoring out older teachers and replacing them with younger teachers that bring in a new air to the stale ideology of the school. Overall, it was definitely an experience I would not like to go through again, but I don't regret attending.
I love the atmosphere at this school. I have met so many good friends here and not only will I have connections with my peers on a friendly level, I know I will have a connection with them on a spiritual level for the rest of my life!