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I’m so sad I even ever thought of sending my child here. Every day he comes home crying the teacher constantly verbally abuse him and he gets bullied by other students. The worst part is the teacher don’t even help they just turn a blind eye to everyingthing in this school. On top of that their acedemics are terrible they have very limited class choice and the classes you do whose are sure to have a terrible teacher. Last thing they are extremely strict, my son apparently sneezed to many times in class and got a dentention even though he explained he had spring allergies. On another occasion my son was talking in class and they gave gave him a suspension A SUSPENSION. Really Plumstead that’s insane I know he should not have been talking but doesn’t a suspension sound a little harsh. Any way you been warned from the dangers in Plumstead. DONT SEND YOUR KID HERE.
I enjoyed meeting new people at PCS as well as getting to know wonderful, caring teachers. The friends and staff at the school felt like family as a small christian school environment brought everyone close together.
best teachers, I talk to them after graduation, and still do to this day.
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I can't say enough good about the staff and teachers at PCS
Health and safety is taken seriously at PCS
being a small school we don't have access to as many opportunities as a large public school, however, for it's size, Plumstead Christian has a lot to offer and is always looking for new opportunities to add activities.
This school has a family feel that we would not have gotten in a large public school. It is a community where families look out for one another and where teachers are involved with the students both in the class room and at extra curricular activities.
Sports are the best. There is drama and student government activities.
Teachers are caring, helpful and go above and beyond what is expected.
Security and safety are top notch. Mean girls and exclusiveness is an issue.
Love this school and blessed to be a part of it. My children have thrived academically, socially and spiritually. They have been able to participate and excelled in sports. The teachers are caring, knowledgeable and helpful!
The teachers are one of my favorite things about Plumstead.
I felt that the teachers were really knowledgeable and helped to prepare me for the real world.
Sometimes it seems that sometimes only certain people get in trouble, but it;s not too bad.
The sports are really great, but there aren't a lot of other after school extracurricular activities.
Our nurse isn't always there, but when she is, I've never had a problem.
The teachers are great and really care about their students!
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Some sports are very supported, and some are not. The ones that are, are great to go to and have a good time!
Many people at this school are conservative Christians, but are accepting of others regardless of religion, race, or creed.
Small, but there is good community!
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