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I had gotten injured during gym class and required a visit to the nurse's office and I was quickly attended to. My parents were called and informed of my injury and told them my symptoms. I was also given an eye exam during the beginning of the year to inform me that I needed to acquire glasses. The health programs are excellent.
There are multiple levels in choir for the level of practice that each student has had and how advanced they are. There are a lot of fun concerts with fun themes that one could attend to for free. Same goes for band.
I really enjoyed the attendance of this school. The school applauds the job well done of well behaved students be awarding them with a field trip and a free party. The party was only for students that were well behaved and were passing all their classes. I had never missed a single party and that gave me confidence to keep doing well in school. It motivated me to look forward to the party. I loved this school and I miss it a lot.
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The teachers are very friendly towards the students and are very easy to talk to. I had no trouble

asking for help on a subject that I was struggling with. The extracurricular yeaxhers were also outgoing and gave the students time to express themselves. I was able to gain confidence in the choir room because the teacher would pull me aside and give me one on one advise.
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