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Great one on one time with the teachers, always listen to what I needed, I also got to pick what classes I wanted to take. Everyone is very nice there would also highly recommend it to anyone
Plumas Charter was great for me, it made it able for me to work and take care of my family and finish school at a fast enough pace for me. My teacher was great and always went above and beyond.
We have an amazing director. Together with the teachers and her ,I guess I would call them, secretaries put out what's expected and we are expected to follow it. As students we want to follow what they have set forth as they give us great education and and want what's best for us. Our director is also our counselor basically because everyone comes to her with problems, although some people prefer to go to the psychology teacher. Anyways, our director used to be a nun who worked with Mother Teresa and is amazing with people due to her experiences.

The entire staff is involved in creating and maintaining an environment conducive to learning. They work together among st themselves and with our parents to attain that goal. The teachers do anything they can to maintain their goal. They stay after school to help students as well as coming in early in the mornings to tutor or just give someone time to make up something that they missed.

Dress code has changed every year. In the past it's been more formal, but this year they have us wearing button down shirts and jeans. Jeans can't have any rips and can't be black. Also I believe super tight jeans are forbidden. We have to wear sweaters or sweatshirts with no logos on them. Girls can wear skirts as long as they are a solid color. Boy are required to wear a belt as well as tucking in their shirt. Any violations of the dress code results in a wiring assignment that is to be done at break and lunch until completed.

We have a pretty flexible schedule due to ranchers who need to be home during calving season, people who like to hunt for food, and things like that. My mom loves it because we have a family of six kids and she loves that when she really needs help like a baby sitter when she needs to go to work and the day care is closed that I can miss school. Of course, it's expected that I get my work before I leave school the day before and turn it in the day I get back.

I think that's about it.
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I think the school I attend is very safe. To understand it I'll give you a little bit of background. We are located in a small rural community. We are a branch off the Plumas Charter School, but my school is run as a private school. We share a campus with the High School in our small town of 1,129 people. There's around 150 kids between both schools. At my school bullying is not tolerated. It's seen as an intolerable act by students and teachers combined. It's in our best interest to make people feel welcome. We have a kid in our school who is mute and I've been told it's because he was bullied for having a lisp or something previous to attending our school. I love hanging with him, and so do a lot of the other kids. When he first started attending our school, he used to keep his head down and not make eye contact. Now, he looks you in the eye and laughs silently at the crazy things we do. He even signed my year book! Health wise, we just had PBL(Project Based Learning) around public health where we had two weeks to work with a team to create a public health campaign. So, we are pretty good about not spreading sickness because we know how things are spread and how to lessen the effects of germs and things like that. With our small town, the police are just a short distance away. Honestly, being so called "country" kids, we are rough and tough and can really hold our own. We have a martial arts class which some of us attend in and/or out of school. So, we are probably the worst school to mess with in terms of security measures. Also, we all know the procedures of what to do in dangerous circumstances as fires, earthquakes, and shooters. Our directors secretary/ school nurse is a mother to one of my friends and she's a great. None of us really get hurt at school very much, we try to be smart. It's after school when people do stupid things and get injured. All in all, we all strive to develop a safe working environment. That's why I feel safe at my school.
The teachers know their subjects well.
There weren't many, but they were good.
The staff and faculty are very diligent in helping the students.
From what I hear and witness, there are many opportunities to be involved in sports at the school, and all students can use the facilities on campus. The school is very supportive. Go Gators!
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