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They school just sucks the administration ruins everything. They treat it like a prison. They try to make things better but it just doesn’t work
Plum High School has given me many opportunities to get involved and to become a leader. The school has many diverse clubs that include all of the students. This is one of the best aspects of Plum, as they add more clubs and activities each year. I feel that I have received a high-quality education at Plum High School. If I had to change something about the school I would change the relationship between the students and administration. I believe that our administration and students do not communicate before policies are enacted. However, I have had a positive ecperience at Plum High School.
Plum Senior High School has many incredible teachers who go above and beyond for students. Teachers often reach out to struggling students to find ways to help improve their academic standings. The principal also attends many extra curricular activities to show support for the students and to stay in touch with parents.
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Honestly, at first it was going well, but starting at 10th grade and after work got harder and a lot of basic respect at times especially from teachers was thrown out the window.
I feel that we should have a college review session earlier in our Junior year. We should also have a training course in how to use Naviance. We all received chrome books this year which was great. Parents are always involved in providing for us and helping with sports and clubs. The food service is very good and the overall choice of classes you can take are above average. Plum has been in the news lately for negative teacher problems but I have had a good experience with all areas of the district. I would recommend Plum for an excellent education.
Some teachers just did not care if you learned anything or not, but the ones that did made it easy to come to class every day. The guidance counselors are practically useless except for one, but he also makes up for it. I would like to see a lift on some of the old ways the school functions.
I had a pretty good experience at Plum High School. Most of the teachers were friendly and truly cared about their jobs. They were there for you if you needed some extra help which was nice. I liked the senior project of job shadowing and I hope they continue this. It exposed me to the working world at an early age and I appreciate that!
Plum Senior High School has effectively prepared me for college by offering a multitude of college-in-high school and AP classes. However, the lack of school enthusiasm of the students and the lack of sufficient resources in the district are unfortunate aspects of the school that should eventually change.
As I complete my 13th year as a Plum student, I look back at that young child riding a school bus for the first time and wonder where did the time go. Overall, my Plum experience was a memorable one. Highlights include playing soccer and lacrosse as a Lady Mustang. Making lifetime friends and attending science classes that would eventually guide me on a career path to be a physical therapist.
Plum ia probably one of the nicest high schools in Pittsburgh. The facilities are all brand new and very clean. The environment is positive and great for learning. Teachers are extremely helpful and believe in their students. There is access to all kinds of resources, allowing for a variety of classes including Photography (the school has a darkroom). As of next year the school also introduced a plethora of new classes such as debate and journalism. The school is crawling with opportunity. There are many clubs and activities for everyone. I always felt safe there. The school is huge, yet as a student I always felt like I was in a small school. I was never overwhelmed by the size. Overall a great place.
Overall, a good high school if you weigh all factors.Tight knit community feel.Unfortunately quite a bit of apathy from staff and students alike.
The school itself is pretty safe, no one really feels like they're in physical danger. There are fights somewhat frequently, but they are usually provoked by both sides. Teachers intervene immediately. Last year an anonymous hotline was put in place, but no one I know has had to use it. Bullying is unfortunately prominent, but it isn't typically direct. More rumors and exclusion than anything.
There are a variety of clubs with support from the school, but a few clubs who have little to no support and help. More time is given to sports. The most popular clubs are musical, NHS, robotics, and ski/snowboard.
Some of my favorite experiences at this school have been the school plays and musicals. The production team is very committed and professional, which makes the experience all the more fun and beneficial for the students. There's about 80-100 of us in musical each year, and to handle that many people and still have a good production is incredible.
There are some teachers at plum who deserve the highest ratings, and some who shouldn't even be teachers. I would say the majority of teachers help students who struggle, are available outside of class, and genuinely care if we succeed. However, there are quite a few teachers who don't care about the class at all and barely even understand the subject they teach. For example, I had a math teacher one year who made the class very interesting and challenging, and was always there to help, then the following year a math teacher who had simple math mistakes on half of his solutions, and was so bad at explaining that I ended up tuning him out halfway through the year and instead taught myself and a few other classmates. I think the biggest problem I've faced is a lack of interest from the teachers in helping with school clubs and blatant favoritism. Some teachers are very involved with clubs, which helps make them lasting and fun, but there are quite a few clubs that have no support because the teachers willing to help don't have the time, and the teachers available refuse. Dealing with favoritism, there are a lot of teachers who make it obvious who they like more, which is reflected in their grading and availability to help. For example, one of my art teachers has been giving me feedback on my AP summer work to help improve, while one of my friends has not received a single email in reply for her work.
I wouldn't go back to this school if I had to do it all over again. After everything that's happened, that wasn't even our fault, we get punished. More rules isn't the answer, and that's why I would never go back despite having great memories with friends.
Out of all the teachers I've had throughout my four years of highschool only a few have been extremely good teachers, they'll keep you engaged and make learning fun with various labs and interacting activities
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The selection of course diversity is very limited
School offers the typical sports programs. Financial support and sponsorship must be done by parents. Most teachers do not want to be involved
Teacher morale is very poor. Teacher sexual abuse of students has overshadowed the educational process
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