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I enjoy going to Plum City High School very much. The small community is very close and amazingly supportive. You are offered many opportunities like the senior class trip and tons of ITV classes!! It's a good school and if you need help there is always someone willing to help and everyone knows everybody.
Small town community type of school. Get to know your teachers and don't burn bridges, then your time is going to be precious
Food portions are not enough to fulfill anyone. Most food we receive is already cold and often times will contain hair or other unsanitary items. There is normally only one main dish option offered along with a fruit option and lettuce.
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I feel like administration and policies change depending on the student. If you are very athletic or popular, almost anything will slide without a consequence, but if your viewed as not "normal" you will be punished as the rules are written.
Athletics offered include football, baseball, basketball, softball, volleyball, cross country, track, cheer-leading, dance, and an equestrian team. The equestrian team this previous year was the most competitive and made it all the way to state, yet received the least amount of administrative support. They are often excluded from any recognition given to athletics. Volleyball had a good season this year, but most teams do not make it into playoffs.
Plum City offers football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, track and cross country for the athletes of the school. Also offered are dance, forensics, drama, and an equestrian team. The equestrian team does not receive administration support like the rest of the extracurricular activities and is often excluded from any recognition. They were actually very competitive this year, making it to state unlike any of the other recognized sports.
With such a small school size, there aren't many educational opportunities. They offer basic classes but no Advanced Placement or Online Classes are offered, so your education isn't pushed to potential since you have to teach everyone in the room rather than flying through easy topics. Since I am studying at a level beneath my capabilities, I rarely ever have homework and don't have study habits since they were never needed. I feel like they do not prepare students adequately for college course work.
Again not much to choose from. Do have a great band and choir. Depends on your last name sometimes.
School nurse very part-time. No special security measures present. Bullying is minimal.
School is old. Parent involvement is good. College prep courses not so good.
Teachers are friendly but don't always seem interested. Somewhat lazy when they need to motivate a student.
There were not much for advanced classes or learning a foreign language. Not much to challenge a person.
I have only been in college for a few weeks so it is difficult to know. I think my parents have done more in preparing me for the real world than my high school.
We had the usual sports but not alot as far as advanced classes or learning a different language.
Sometimes we do question what it is that is being served.
Administration does not always treat students equally. The same punishment is not enforced. Sometimes it depends on your last name and who your parents are.
There is always a few bad apples in the barrel but for the most part we all get along very well and there are a few that I will have as friends forever.
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