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Pleasure Ridge Park High School Reviews

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Pleasure Ridge Park High School feels like home. The teachers and staff are wonderful and take a lot of interest in the students.
I love PRP. Everyone treats each other like family. The teachers are nice and don’t give out to much homework because they know we have lives out side of school. Everyone just wants to see each other seceded. They also have a club for everything so something for everyone. The school is kept clean. I would recommend PRP to anyone.
The teachers at PRP are overall great to work with and really want to see students succeed. The counseling staff goes above and beyond to guide the students in the right direction. What I would like to see change is of course the lunch and the bathrooms
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Being forced into a class I knew nothing about because I “need it to graduate through the academy” wasn’t very fun. Also the academy’s in general were implemented too quick and everyone hates them.
I like how the teachers try their best to help us. This high school also try their best to be safe. However, there is a problem with fights and accept kids who actually care for school. I feel that this school is a good school and would actually say it's a 3.5. It's not the worst school in Jefferson County, but it's not the best either. I recommend this school to kids who want to learn and likes to talk their peers.
I loved how I manage to stay there for four years, longest journey/experience I appreciated afterwards. When at the time it didn't feel like I appreciated it in that atmosphere. Learned a lot more than just education.
Very close knit family like bond between most staff and students. But academics and teachers abilities to teach definitely lack sometimes. Overall i love prp and the school spirit prp has , and how understanding many teachers staff and admin are.
For the most part, my high school experience has been good. Don’t care for some of the students but the school overall is great.
It is an honor to be attending PRP HS, I was very nervous about attending but my first day of freshman year, I knew this is where I should be. I felt so welcome, everyone was so kind and helpful! The teachers are absolutely amazing, they are always there for you no matter what. This high school is like a big family, it is an amazing school to attend, there are also a lot of opportunities for each student.
At Pleasure Ridge Park(PRP) HS I loved how caring the staff is and how they are willing to do anything to help you succeed as a student in the big world. PRP HS is full of opportunity and allows you with all of the extracurricular activities that they provide to let you find who you are and build yourself into the person that will allow you make it in the big world.
During my time at Pleasure Ridge Park High School, I made many friends and learned valuable life lessons. I’d have to say my favorite aspect is the sense of community each student shares, however, in terms of academics, the school needs some work.
It was pretty good. What I like about PRP is that there's lots of clubs and sports that suits you. From bowling to field hockey to Beta Club to robotics club it's whatever you like. Also there's some teachers there that really cares about your education and helps you strive to your success. We also have the best Pep Rally's they're super loud and lots of fun.
I like how pleasure ridge park is a family. I also like how many opportunities they have for you. If you need any help with anything teachers, and staff are always there for you if you have any problems.
PRP is a family oriented school. As soon as you walk through the doors, you are welcomed into a big family. Alumni show great pride in the school and are very involved; most return to teach.
I have been attending PRP high school my entire high school career. Coming into PRP as a freshman I was very nervous. PRP is a very welcoming school and you feel apart of the family instantly. The teachers not only care about your education but you as a person as well. PRP is a very school spirited school and overall I wouldn’t have wished to go anywhere else for high school.
Overall a really good experience. Teachers were engaging and cared for the students. There were many clubs and activities to be a part of. While it is a big school, being a part of the Advanced Program made it feel like a much smaller school.
My experience at Pleasure Ridge Park will be unforgettable. The teachers and administration are very caring. When you need help they are there. The school is safe. The diversity is beautiful. And the students are kind to each other. Bullying is not a problem.
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It was a good school to learn. I feel the staff needs to listen to the students more. They need to establish a better rapport with the students.
I was able to open up to new experiences and really meet new people. The staff was so helpful with getting me to where I am today. I have learned so much these past four years and this school really is the main reason for that.
I loved the magnet program and that it was a performing arts school. I was in band and it was the best part of high school.
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