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go ville great sports principles are great not much more to say overall great. The only complaint is the science wing its terrible and old and musty.
Pleasantville High school is very dedicated to the individual students by giving them a home away from home. They treat you as individuals, yet, as part of a community. They view academics very highly and integrate sports and other extracurriculars into daily conversation and class discussion to get students involved.
This school is very college-focused. If you want to go on to college, this is a great school to help you get there. As a smaller school, there is perhaps a smaller variety of classes and clubs, but all the administrators will know you personally and by name. You don't have to worry about becoming lost in the crowd and being forgotten.
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The teachers here are really there to help you succeed. They all know who you really are and know what makes you a great student. You get really close with all the teachers considering the small classroom sizes. The environment is also great however student drama can be a little overwhelming. The guidance counselors are there to help you and will do a lot just to get your schedule perfect for you during the beginning of each semesters. The athletics at this school are also amazing considering the multiple Section 1 titles we have won this year. Our theater program is also magnificent showing how hard the students work with such an amazing director for the school. We also have various clubs and activities at our school to join. People get a great education here and create many new friendships along the way.
It really helps to allow students to be aware of different schools on a more casual way in which many students can relate.
The learning opportunities at this school are amazing. Each program allows students to excel and expand their knowledge in each subject. The scheduling process at this school is very accessible and great for accommodating different , various classes. The work load is sometimes heavy but definitely manageable with the access of good study options.
Everyone at this school is so friendly and always there to help each other out. Friends will always stick up for one another and be there for each other. Peers at Pleasantville High School are a second family.
There are over 20 club activities at our school, there is something for everyone to join. Each extra curricular activity offers great opportunities to learn and give back.
Overall, my experience at Pleasantville High School was amazing. My school has offered tons of extra curricular activities and great education programs to be apart. The school is a family; parents, teachers, and students always come together to make the best of every situation. It is an education at a school I wouldn't trade for anything.
The teachers at Pleasantville High School are always putting in the best effort to make sure each and every student fully understand the lessons. They make sure all students are engaged and participating. In addition, the teachers always make sure their available to help the students as well. Overall, the students at Pleasantville High School will get the best education possible with great teachers.
A lot of variety, something for everyone.
My kids are happy...that says it all!
I really love my small-sized high school. Growing up with the same kids has been a challenge but also a blessing. I've especially enjoyed all of the exciting extracurriculars I've been able to be a part of, especially my a cappella group and the school play. Sports are a little clique-y but it hasn't stopped me from playing my favorite sport. Another point of interest is the active engagement of students in the community. We are a very small community and therefore the school is able to directly impact the town as a whole. Oh, and we have some pretty fun field trips.
Obviously I have no other point of comparison but I believe that the teachers at PHS do a great job at being available outside of class, especially for those in need of extra help. Though the teaching styles vary from class to class, I believe my education is well-rounded and I am prepared for various learning styles in college. All of my teachers are very knowledgeable in their respective fields and are for the most part good communicators. Some teachers are better than others at consistency in grading but overall they are fine.
Teachers are engaging and involved . Part of the community
This school is alright. Aside from the new principal, most of the administration is rude and couldn't be bothered with anything having to do with students. There's a lot of electives and clubs to get involved in though, so that's a plus. It's also a nice looking school, inside and out.
Some things are brand new and some seem centuries old
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It is not rather challenging
We had to undergo a renovation, but despite the large construction and remodeling project, the school was always clean and sanitary. It was scary how shiny the floors were and hot spotless the cafeteria always was. There are plenty of computers for students to use, but usually a student needs permission to work on a computer if he/she is not with a class. Tutoring is done by the students of the National Honors Society, unless parents want a professional, and this usually works out well. Parents are always actively involved with everything at the school, and many times, they are too involved. The SAT Reading/Writing prep class was essential in my education, and I am so glad I took it.
There is absolutely no diversity at all in the school. Rich, white kids are what make up the student body.
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