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When I first moved to United Stated i Moved to pleasantiville, Nj. I was a sophomore and I meet great teachers. The ESL program is great and the teacher are awesome. The teachers, guards, and administration help as much as they can. I learned a lot from the teachers I had. I think it is a great school and it has a diversity students.
Pleasantville High School is a great school. People are friendly and helpful. Everywhere you look you see someone who has the potential to be your new friend. I'd like to see more safety precautions being made, and I would like to be able to see more equipment and/or resources being used.
I like Pleasantville High School its a very good school with great activites and warm-hearted teachers. The sports here are very challenging but they have you in great shape and the teams are very kind-hearted individuals. Overall I like the school and I'm happy to say I graduate from this high school.
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i would like to see the administration change. i like how the food isnt too good but isnt too bad. THE GYM IS PRETTY NICE AND THE Feilds outside are alright i guess.
The best class of 2002. From 1998 to 2002 I loved this school very caring and concerning. They did not let you fall without helping you back up to achieve and be all that you can be.
Solid academics. Grading systems tended to be inconsistent and questionable at times. By this, some students may find themselves with grade point averages that are not indicative of his or her quality as a student. Sports allowed most students to be involved and some of the teams were among the best they competed against. The school itself is very well maintained and extremely safe. There is a good balance between freedom and restrictions for students. Bullying was not prominent and it was always discouraged and reprimanded. The location of the school is very convenient and in a nice area.
My experience at Pleasantville High School was a great experience wish I could replay the years again. I say that because it was a fun school and I got along well with all my teachers friends and other students.Another thing is that we had awesome pep rallies for spirit week or before a big football game and those I will never forget. Also, I played football for 3 years and that was a great experience I can say football changed my life. Football changed my life because it made me a better man as far as being on time, getting stronger, and learning how to communicate with people better. In addition, I believe any kid that goes there will like it. If something could change about Pleasantville High School I would say the location and the size so it can be bigger and a lot more people could go there.
I loved my whole high school experience. The teachers in the school are so helpful and care so much about there students education. As students we can always depend on our teachers when we need help. Something I would love to see is more school spirit in the students. I feel as many student don't show school pride, there's only a couple of us students who show pride. The school can could be better if many students have school spirit.
H, my name is Rajirah Smith im a senior in high school. This year i would like to see a lot of changes such as my grades, my attitude, my behavior, and my improvement in my sports.
We have a program call Teen pep. Teen pep helps student make a better choice. the program trains senior to teach freshman and Sophmore schoolmates on matters related to sexuality and there every year topics include abstinence,HIV/AIDS,sexual violence, dating,alcohol, and drugs.They also have workshops were parents and teacher can come.
In my high school if you need help you ask your teacher nicely if he or she can stay after school to help you out. Our school curriculum is hard but our teacher help us understand it.Our schedule can be hard if you have Ap class but our AP student usually gets As and Bs.
Our health and safety in my school are very good. Our fellow staff always make sure we are safe and healthy. Our school nurse is always there when we need help. We also have program name Teen pep, Teen pep stand for Teen prevention Education Program. Teen pep program gives students the chance to learn about abstinence,bullying,alcohol, drugs,HIV/AIDS and teen dating violence, and teaches their peers about the strong negative effect of these issues. Our school is the only one who have it in north Jersey and it helps a lot of student in our school to make a better choice.
In my school the give student an hour and a half opportunity after school to help them with lesson they did not understand in class also to raise their grades up. You will find about 50% student in the school join club and 40% plays sport and join club and the rest of the 10% go home after school and we also have one of the best program that suported us knows as C.A.R.E. CARE help feed student who stay in after school activities.
I had the best experience in my high school it wasn't like other schools which made it even better for many of us. My high school was small and I love it because you know everyone in your class and other class. Some of my high school experience was good memories, bad memories,making the mistake, lesson and most importantly having fun, but I think at the end I will learn through my mistake and I will learn many valuable life lesson.
A teacher at my school help me believe in myself, and she also helps me reach my goal because I didn't think I was good or smart enough to reach my goal but she told my that I can do it if I put my mind into, and because of her I'm number seven in my class
we have a nurse here to make sure the children are very healthy and take care of them if they not feeling well or call their parents if they have to be send home. we have have the best nurse here . for security in school, they check every kids backpack to see if they have any weapon, check ids to see if you belong here, we do not have any bullying in our school. we have cameras, police officer and drug test done to do if they suspect any students are acting weird.
theres alot of opportunities in this school, we have a lot different sport and club that you could join or even stay after school and help other student or teacher and get extra credit, we have play that children can act and students ,parents can come to see.
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my experience in this good are very great, i have a lot of friends that are here for me whenever i need helps and the teacher are here for me also whenever i need someone to talk to. its the best school you could ever attend, trust and believe.
the teacher in pleasantville high school are very respectful, helpful , thoughful and they here for the students whenever they need helps and they make sure they make you feel welcome whenever you need helps.
There are various types of clubs and organizations in my school that are very intriguing and bring many people together.
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