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Pleasantville High School Reviews

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Pleasantville is a very nice school to attend. Great people, great community. I have attended since Pre-school and have constantly had more and more people moving here. I think it is very welcoming.
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go to such a great school. The teachers and administration are very welcoming and polite. Obviously, Pleasantville is a small town so there was not much diversity and that was okay. Everyone was given the opportunity to take part in clubs and activities. In bigger schools, it is common for only select students to be involved. Everyone was also able to take part in sporting events. Sporting events are very widely supported in our town and I love that. Overall, I was pleased with Pleasantville schools.
I wouldn't chose this school because of drama.
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It use to be really good. There was a lot of homemade prepared food with fresh ingredients. Now it is all boxed and processed. The fruit and vegetable selection is always the same. There use to be more of a variety. There is also a lot more wasted food. Kids are not liking the taste of some of the food, made with wheat. It gets tossed. Before Michelle Obama started getting into things we had some of the best lunches in school. The menu hasn't' changed a lot, but the ingredients have. ick.
Student workload was ok. I never felt loaded down with unnecessary work. Most teachers had the work graded and back to us quickly. If we were struggling and made the effort with the teacher the teacher made themselves available or extra credit to help with the grade. They were willing to do modifications and accommodations if needed. If we had a schedule problem someone was willing to work with us to fix it. Class sizes could get a little large if it was popular but sometimes they would spit the class, offer it again later or work with scheduling to see what could be done to help the teacher and the students. I got the classes I needed or wanted without too much of a headache.
sports activities were mostly what was offered. There were a few clubs but poorly attended and the choices were VERY limited. a Spanish club, drama club, speech club.
The administration is highly visible in school. They know everyone's name (as well as the parents). The counselor won the Golden Apple award for being an outstanding teacher. He was very approachable and willing to listen when needed. He helped gear students into classes that would best fit their needs, especially those students considered at risk. We have a no tolerance policy for bullying. There is a dress code, mostly enforced. Attendance, we have a closed campus but it isn't unusual to see kids leave to go to the convenience store (Casey's). Some get in trouble while others do not. We have a ineligibility policy. It is more of a suggestion than enforced. If a student gets a D or F they can not participate in a school function. Depends on the kid. The quarterback gets a break, the band kid doesn't.
With all the criteria I would say it is great. But, being a small school and a lot of parents are coaches or friends of coaches there is A LOT of favoritism shown to students, not based on skill level. Team spirit with parents and students is great, but some parents put a lot of pressure on their kids to be successful at sports. Chelsea Thomas's brother is my best friend and I saw that with them. Sometimes the coaches are picked by who they are or related to, not how good they are. Again, problems with who gets play time and who does not.
I think I was pretty prepared, but could have been a little more. High school teachers give you chances to turn in late work, will hunt you down and ask you about it and then give you, usually, full credit for the work. College doesn't do any of that. I had to learn, and fast. As far as classes and prep for college, they were available for those who wanted them.
We aren't very good at sports.
Sometimes it is great, others not so much.
She takes care of us.
The only bad thing is not everyone gets punished.
Extracurricular activities are very enjoyable.
This school has great to grow up.
Small school not much culture and diversity.
Small school with limited choices.
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All the resources in the school are very reliable and easy to get ahold of.
They are friendly and want all the students to enhance their abilities.
Academics are challenging but acceptable. The teachers push you to learn the most you can.
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